How to Steal the Scene for Free

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This time it’s Miren writing to you. My nephew has been hogging your attention for far too long. If you missed his little missives (and his shameless begging), you can find them HERE. If anyone should win an interview with a blogger, it should be me. I deserve it. I’m the one babysitting the green-eyed imp while my brother goes off and does interesting magical stuff. (You can read all about his exploits in Curse Breaker: Enchanted). The book is based on my journal.

The quill snaps in his hand, and Miren glares at it.

“What’re you writing?”

Startled, Miren drops his broken quill. His nephew bobs up, but he’s too short to see anything. The top of the table remains well above his head. Time slows as it all crystallizes. His nephew had the means and the opportunity.

“You stole it.” He points an accusing finger at Ran.

“What’re you talking about?” Ran looks at him with confused eyes.

“You took my journal. Admit it.” The force of his anger drives the boy into a full retreat.

“No, I’m a good boy.” Ran cedes ground, backing closer to his father and shelter.

“Why did you take it? I know it was you.” Miren slides off his chair and limps toward his nephew.

“Calm down,” Sarn interjects from where he sits in the corner, arms draped over his knees. Twin wheels of emerald flame spin where his irises should be, but instead of entrancing Miren, they repel him as does his elder brother’s quiet command.

“Who did you give it to?” Miren pressed ignoring his brother.

Ran shakes his head and holds up two empty hands. “It wasn’t me. The purple light ate it.”

“What purple light?”

In answer, Ran points to something behind Miren. He turns but his gaze lands on a table covered with books and papers. A rickety stool and a ratty mattress just wide enough to sleep the three of them complete the cave-turned-home’s furnishings. A purple spark winks into view and dances above the table enchanting Miren.

What is this luminous intrusion into their home and what does it portend? Find out next week when characters from Curse Breaker: Enchanted take you behind and between the scenes as they vie to win the ultimate prize—an interview with a blogger. Polls open on March 1st.

You can read more about Ran, Miren, and Sarn in Curse Breaker: Enchanted and the forthcoming Curse Breaker: Faceted. Stay tuned for more details plus a FREE preview, coming soon to your inbox.

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