Jerlo’s in Technicolor! (Just don’t tell him, okay?)

Hi Readers!

It’s Ran here, and I’ve been a bad character. I invaded more giveaways for you and colorized Jerlo:

CBD-FPOv3Now he has a reason to look unhappy, aside from the mission he went on. I’m glad he left Papa and me out of it. We had enough demonic shenanigans in Enchanted. Okay, well, Papa did. I dealt with the demon’s pet shadow monster with Bear’s help, of course, but that was dangerous enough. I am a little kid in the story after all.

So now Jerlo has another reason to be unhappy with me. I showed you his *true* colors. There’s a heart buried somewhere under all his bluster and tactical genius and it has a soft spot for my Papa and probably me too. I’ll find out when he finds out about me. Though hopefully not soon so I don’t have to share my ad-ven-tures with Papa.

So go get Jerlo’s most excellent adventure. Find out just how he got so much power over my dad. I haven’t found a way to counter that, but you can get bet your bottom dollar (which is all Darkens costs while our scribe is missing) that I *will* find a way to rid my dad of that. It just might take awhile. The only magic I have access to is my dad’s while he’s sleeping. And all it wants to do is play.

Until next time, dear reader

Stay tuned for more magic, mayhem and epic adventures!

Ran, Son of Sarn

“The Scourge of Photoshop”

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