Bear vs the Easter Bunny

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The cast of the Curse Breaker series + our scribe, Melinda, would like to wish you a belated happy Passover, Easter and any other holidays we may have missed.

Now back to our continuing adventure. When we last saw our heroes, Bear had just shown up, but he wasn’t very helpful. (If you need a refresher, check out part one, part two, part three and part four. I’ll wait.)

Who will prevail—your favorite duo and their hapless scribe or the Easter Bunny? 0_o Where did he come from?

Fictional Characters vs the Nor’easter Easter Bunny?

Bear jumped, and we landed in another puddle. Thanks to the heavy rains, the road had become a river, but each time we became corporeal again, we landed in it. I shivered and clung to Papa. He’d used up most of his magic to fly our scribe’s car over yet another obstacle. The wet road offered no opportunities to recharge leaving Papa in a bad way.

“Why isn’t there any magic here?” I asked instead of the question I really wanted Bear to answer: are we there yet?

Because technology rules here. Bear said inside my head and likely everyone else heard the spirit animal inhabiting my stuffed bear.

“Why does it rule?”

Bear’s magic tickled as we went incorporeal again putting us momentarily out of the rain’s drenching reach.

Long ago, it pushed out most of the magic in this world.


Bear fixed a button eye on me as we reappeared further down the road. No one liked that question, not even ghosts it seemed. I tried not to smile. His waning magic tickled me again as we winked out of sight and his power transported us another hundred feet down the road.

I could still see Melinda’s little blue car wedged against the guardrail. Branches caressed its roof each time the wind blew, and my shoulders slumped. We hadn’t gone far at all.

Papa’s arm was shaking, but he held onto me despite that. I squeezed his arm. Papa was a quiet guy, but not this quiet. He hadn’t said anything since we traded the car for Bear’s brand of teleportation and worry twisted my gut—hunger too since lunch was a long time ago.


“I’ll be okay.”

Papa hugged me with both arms this time, but the worry wouldn’t go away. Bear stood behind us with one paw on Papa and one on Melinda. She, too, had been quiet. No doubt thoughts of her disabled car and what to do about it preoccupied her. I left her to that and turned my attention back to Bear.

“You didn’t answer my question.” I shook my finger at my stuffed companion. “It’s a bad habit you have.”

What was the question?

“Why did technology push out the magic? Where did the magic go?”

Did it go to our world? Did Papa, Bear and I owe our lives to that mysterious event? I squirmed in Papa’s arms until I could rest my head against his heart. I needed to hear its strong, steady beat. The same questions flashed in Papa’s green, green eyes. He cradled me, and my thumb crept toward my mouth until a flash of yellow caught my eye.

“What’s that?”

The yellow blob froze then turned. So, did Bear. He left us standing in ankle-deep water which made our scribe grimace. Her snowsuit was soaked through and so were we. Though I still had some dry patches where Papa’s arm kept the rain from reaching me.

It can’t be.

Bear stared at a giant bunny hopping toward us. It sported a manic grin with far more teeth than any bunny I’ve ever seen, not that I’ve seen many. Papa’s magic tends to spook animals and send them running. Not this time, though. The giant bunny kicked up a wave as it landed three feet from Bear, gripping its basket of brightly painted eggs. The two magical animals glared at each other.

My mouth watered. “Are those edible?”

The bunny shifted his basket out of reach. Touchy creature, what set it off?

“How do you two know each other?”

They kept right on trading glare for glare as if I hadn’t spoken.

Long time no see. Bear finally said.

You stole my magic! The bunny dropped his basket and charged, paws swinging.

“Lookout Bear!”

I covered my eyes then spread my fingers, so I could see slivers of the fight.

Bear brought his paws up—one curved to protect his button eyes and the other he held palm-out to deflect the punch Bunny threw. But it didn’t land because Bear stepped back and around out of reach.

I needed it for a good cause. If you’d stop and listen, I’ll explain.

Bear kept moving as he mind-talked, stepping back and to the right swinging his bulk out of range, forcing Bunny to reset his attack after each attempt.

Everything’s always for a good cause with you. Bunny threw several more punches, but none landed because Bear kept moving back and circling away, forcing Bunny to chase him.

You left me magically crippled and unable to escape. I almost died. Bunny cracked his knuckles, but Bear didn’t take the opening.

He kept bouncing on the balls of his feet, which made his belly jiggle. He was burning through magic to keep his top-heavy body from toppling over, but so was Bunny. I could see the magic radiating off them and evaporating into the ether.

“Stop this, there’s a child present,” Papa said, throwing out a hand and likely a shield too. Since his magic level was too low for that, the green glow crawling over his fingers flowed back into his skin where it belonged instead of generating a shield.

Sorry kid, but Bear owes me.

Bunny nodded to me and Papa tried to cover my eyes. But I kept squirming to get a better view. Bunny rushed Bear again, paws swinging. He didn’t seem to care that he’d miss. Or did he?

This time when Bear stepped back and dodged right, Bunny anticipated that, and his next jab landed, snapping Bear’s head back.

Bear staggered backward, shaking his head. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize things were that dicey.

Yeah, well they were. Bunny punched Bear in the belly then followed with an uppercut that knocked Bear down.

For a moment, he stood over Bear, his fuzzy chest heaving from exertion, making his belly jiggle. I thought he’d kick Bear, but he exhaled instead, letting the fight go. When he turned away and picked up his basket, Bunny was calmer.

“I’m sorry you had to see that, but he had it coming.” Bunny fished around in his basket, avoiding eye contact with us.

“Why’d he have it coming?”

Bunny tensed at my question. Would he answer? Would I finally learn something about Bear’s mysterious origins and what he did when he wasn’t around? Or would Bunny clam up like Bear did every time I asked my favorite three-letter question?

Find out next week. At least I hope we find out next week. When it comes to magical creatures, you never know. They tend to be cryptic.

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