Interrogating Magical Creatures

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Last week, Papa, Melinda (aka our scribe), and I (Ran, son of Sarn, your lovable narrator) tried to escape a bad storm. A giant bunny with a basket of shiny eggs showed up and picked a fight with Bear. Yes, that Bearmy stuffed companion and our all-around cryptic Ghost Bear. You remember him from Curse Breaker: Faceted, right?

Once the fight ended, I asked some hard questions. So without further ado, let’s get back to that. I *really* want to know the answers and this time, I might get them.

Fictional Characters vs the Nor’easter Easter Bunny? (Part 2)

Part 1


“Why’d he have it coming?” I asked the giant bunny rooting around in the basket of shiny eggs hanging off his arm.

Like Bear, he stood taller than Papa, which I still found strange. But this bunny wasn’t human. He was a magical creature with secrets that set him apart from Bear. Maybe he wasn’t a spirit animal at all.

Bunny tensed at my question then glanced at Bear, but the ghost was still out cold. Both Bunny and Bear were soaked just like we were thanks to the rain drumming on our heads. The wind flung itself at us, driving even Papa back a step. But his grip remained firm on me and I leaned into his embrace, shivering from the cold.

Slowly, Papa’s magic was regenerating, and that process generated some heat, but not enough to warm him or me. Though he tried to warm me by rubbing my back. I yawned. The pleasant sensation was making me sleepy. It had been a very long day and the sun was setting behind a cloud wall bringing thoughts of a warm bed, dinner, and a nice long nap.

I shook myself awake. “You didn’t answer my question.”

It was an annoying habit of magical entities. They showed up, did cool things then fled when explanation time came around. Not this time. Bunny was going nowhere without answering me. Even Papa was tense, poised to set me down and pin the Bunny if necessary.

I folded my arms and hardened my glare. “Well? Why don’t you answer me?”

Bunny kept glaring at Bear. He never once glanced at me or our too-silent scribe. I checked on her and nodded when I saw her tapping away on her smartphone recording everything for later. She was a good scribe, though a tad too quiet sometimes. When she listened hard, as she was doing one, a faint aura flickered around hernothing like Papa’s sun-bright one. I’d never seen its like, so I had no idea what it meant.

“Belief is power,” Bunny said aloud instead of inside my head, echoing something JC had said when Papa and I helped him take on the Adversary Thankfully, his buckteeth didn’t affect his speech much. I could still understand him.

The silence between us lengthened, broken only by the wailing of the wind and the pitter-patter of rain on the asphalt. I motioned for him to continue.

Bunny sighed as Bear blinked confused button eyes at me. He was coming around and the window for answers was closing fast. I could feel it. Maybe Bunny could too because he looked at me and withdrew three eggs from his basketone for each of us.

I handed Papa an emerald one and kept its twin for myself. On contact, the egg cracked and shook, spilling sunlight and magic and recharging Papa. Warmth enveloped me, and I tugged my scribe into that warm bubble. Papa’s eyes brightened, throwing a welcome green nimbus around us and just in time too.

Darkness engulfed the road, snuffing out the last embers of the afternoon as I handed the gold egg to our shy scribe. She almost dropped her smartphone when I shoved it into her hands. She opened her mouth to protest, but I shook my head. She was more than a silent recorder of our adventures. If not for her, we wouldn’t be standing on a flooded road talking to a giant Bunny while a red car hydroplaned past us, sending a wave crashing over Bear.

If he wasn’t awake before, he was now but there was no anger in his still-unfocused button eyes, just an apology. He’d been a bad Bear and knew it. He also had a lot of explaining to do.

“And? Go on. What does belief have to do with it?”

It all boiled down to the egg in my hand. I just knew it. Bunny gestured from the egg I held to his basket full of its mates to his furry paunch confirming my guess.

“Belief is everything. Look I don’t expect you to understand. You are a kid after all, but belief created me and him.” Bunny jerked a paw at the supine Ghost Bear inhabiting my favorite stuffed toy as another car careened around the bend.  “Belief keeps us alive, which makes what he did all the more cruel.”

“What did he do?”

“He took my focus.”

Brakes squealed. Gears crunched. Bunny leaped, paw extended. He landed on Bear and reached into him. I screamed as headlights blinded me. I clung to Papa. He leaped over a guardrail with our scribe right on his heels, taking me with him, as always. He held me in a one-armed grip as he slammed a shield between us and the twin lights bearing down on us.

“Bear!” I shouted, but my stuffed friend didn’t answer.

A loud crash made me cringe as a car slammed into the sparkly wall of green magic and it bowed.

My quest for answers continues next week because certain magical creatures refuse to stay put long enough to answer me. Oh, and they have this annoying habit of saying interesting things when we’re standing on the shoulder of the exit ramp for an important and well-trafficked road. Bad Bear, Bad Bunny.


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This is Ran, son of Sarn, “Interrogator of Magical Creatures” wishing you a great week!


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