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We hope you had a great weekend. Our scribe is hard at work on finishing Sundered. We’re getting close to that! I (Ran) might have rearranged things a little, but don’t tell our scribe. She’ll see my changes when she edits the final draft, and we hope that will be soon. Our scribe has added 43,000 words to Sundered since 9/16.  🙂

I also might have bought a 3d dragon model. While our scribe is working on Sundered, we might have played around with some ideas for covers for His Angelic Keeper, the sister series to our Curse Breaker books that stars my Auntie Sovvan. We don’t have anything to show you yet for that. When it finishes rendering, we still need to show it to our scribe for approval and polishing. 🙂

And now back to this week’s adventure. It features a deleted scene from Enchanted that the Newsletter-Dragon barged in on. Shame on her. We hope you enjoy it.

Last week, we tried to get the Newsletter-Dragon to deliver the message she brought, but Bear jumped in and that didn’t happen. We have high hopes for this week. Join us as we resume negotiations (Bear permitting).


Today’s Adventure



I waved my hand in front of his button eyes, but he kept staring at the projection of the dragon on our cave’s ceiling, and she returned his stare with interest.

“What do we do now?” I asked Papa.

“Wait for a sign?” my uncle suggested, sounding as annoyed by that as I was.

He scratched his head, but that didn’t shake loose any more ideas, which was weird because Uncle Miren always had an idea. I looked at Papa, but he just shrugged.

“Miren’s right. Until one of them says something, there’s nothing we can do except wait.”

I hate waiting, so I tried again to gain Bear or the Newsletter-Dragon’s attention. Bear pushed my hands away and finally spoke.

“Well? What do you have to say for yourself? Staring at me won’t get you what you want, so why don’t you just tell us, so you can deliver your message and be on your way. I’m sure you have more important things to do than visit us.”

The Newsletter-Dragon gave him one last glare then unhinged her jaws. I braced myself, and Papa’s magic massed around us just in case she had more fire to throw at us.

“Fine. I want a name. I don’t want to be known as just the Newsletter-Dragon. I want something that’s all mine.”

“Why can’t you name yourself?” I asked.

“Did you name yourself?”

“Yes, I told people to call me ‘Ran’ because it’s little and fast like I am.”

“But where did you get ‘Ran’ from?” The Newsletter-Dragon speared me with a glare.

It was part of my name already. I just wanted my name to be short and sweet like Papa’s, so I chopped off the last syllable. But I already had a name to cut up. That’s what the Newsletter-Dragon meant. Where had my name come from?

I scooted around to face Papa, and my face must have said it all because he went very still—the way he always did when painful subjects came. There was only one subject that continued to hurt him—Mama. She’d gone away many months ago. I’d lost track, but the haunted look in Papa’s eyes said he hadn’t. Would she ever come back?

We’d talked a little about it during Enchanted, but Papa had left a lot unsaid. Nor had he given me the assurance I still craved. I might be little, but even I knew that Papa, and Mama and a very complicated relationship. When things were good, they were very good and when they were bad, well, Papa would walk out with me in his arms until tempers had cooled.

I thought I knew the answer before the question tumbled out of my mouth, but I asked it anyway because I needed to hear Papa say it.

“Who named me?”

Papa looked away, and his eyes went distant as if he was replaying something from the past.

“It was you, right?”

I wanted it to be him because he was here and Mama was not.  Deep down, he loved me more than Mama ever had. Or she wouldn’t have left.

“Papa? It was you, wasn’t it?”

It couldn’t have been my uncle. Uncle Miren was not my biggest fan. We quarreled more often than not, but he would never let anything bad happen to me.

Papa shook his head slowly.

“Then who did?”

Papa shrugged. “You already had a name when I found out about you.”

“Found out?” I repeated unable to comprehend what I was hearing. “You didn’t see me get born?”

Papa shook his head and mouthed a silent ‘no.’

“Why not?”

I couldn’t imagine any force that could have kept Papa away from newly born me. Papa didn’t answer. Instead, he scrubbed both hands over his face. There was a bleak look in his eyes. I’d last seen it after Papa’s best friend had died in Enchanted.


What’s in a name? Find out next week because I really want to know. I did not see this twist coming.

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