Holiday Adventure, Part 2

Hi Readers,

The Scribe, (Melinda), and I, (Ran, Sarn’s son from the Curse Breaker Series), are having a bit of a disagreement. So, I thought I’d ask you to break the deadlock.

The problem: what should we do with our newsletter adventures?

I want to publish them after they’re edited, of course, but my Scribe wants to rewrite them so they’re in the same point of view as the rest of our books—something called close third person.

I said no. We don’t need to do that. These are my adventures. Who cares if they’re written in first person perspective?

The Scribe said you, our readers, might care.

Well, do you?
Who’s right?
Me or my Scribe?

Should she rewrite our newsletter adventures. so they’re the same point of view (third person) as our other books, and they fit seamlessly into our universe?

Or should they stay as is (first person) with some editing and maybe a few extra scenes? Who doesn’t love extra mayhem for your buck?

Okay fine. The Scribe says I’m unfairly weighting this in my favor. She says either way there will be extra scenes because that’s how we roll.

So what say you? Click the response below that matches your opinion on this all-important debate. 😉 You better believe I’ll be keeping score.

Keep our newsletter adventures as is

Change their point of view to third person

Click one of the above links to vote!

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And now back to our Holiday Troubles. Last week, eight shiny-red dragons emerged from the black object hanging in the sky, and they were pulling something. Apparently, that black object was a doorway to another place. Who knew? So let’s head back there to see what happens next.

Holiday Troubles, Part 2

Read part 1 here.

“They’re awfully small for dragons,” Auntie Sovvan said as she stared up at the eight shiny-red dragons straining to pull something through the portal.

“She’s right. Maybe it’s the angle, but I’m pretty sure I’m taller than the tallest one.” Uncle Miren walked backwards while craning his neck upward, but that didn’t change the view. 

“Look at them pump those little wings. Aren’t they the cutest things?” Melinda said, and she actually meant it.

I scowled at my Scribe for that comment. Dragons were definitely not cute or cuddly. They always had mischief on their minds. But these dragons did look sort of toy-like from down here. Their wings were only a third of their overall body-length, so they had to pump them hard to pull something red and oddly-shaped through the portal. “Is that a cart they’re towing?”

“I think it’s a sled,” Papa said as it finally popped out of the portal.

“How can you tell?” I asked from the safety of his arms and the magic he’d coiled around me as those dragons swooped down and landed on the roof.

We rushed out of the hole a giant book had punched through the wall in a previous episode. It made a convenient door, but Melinda kept giving it worried looks. Hopefully, she wouldn’t have to pay to fix that wall.

“I’m more interested in who’s piloting that thing,” Melinda said as she sank down on a boulder with a good view of the sloping roof tiles and its visitors. There were a dozen large rocks littering the narrow lawn between the parking lot and the cliff overlooking the next building in the development, creating a low wall between the melted slag heaps that were cars only hours earlier. 

Speaking of dragons, where was ours? I eyed the dragons blowing and stamping their claws on the roof.  Our Newsletter-Dragon was blue, so unless she’d changed her scales, she wasn’t with the sleigh-pulling group. But that raised an important question. Could dragons even change their scales?

“Can you see who’s driving the sled?” I looked up at Papa. As the tallest person in our little group, he had the best view. 

Papa shook his head, but his magic was slowly creeping up the side of the building and dragging a sparkly green curtain behind it. He would know the answer soon enough.

Melinda tugged on his pant leg. “Hey, can you fix the building while you’re at it? Your magic likes rocks, and there’s plenty of cinder blocks and bricks that need fixing.”

“Can you?” Auntie Sovvan asked, but she didn’t look away from the roof and its mysterious visitors. They were in no hurry to meet us. Was that a good sign or a bad one?

“Probably. My magic does like rocks.” Papa shrugged. “I’ll see what I can do.”

“First, find out who’s up there,” I said, but Papa’s magic didn’t multitask well. Better it get the info we needed before it went on a building spree, but I needn’t have worried. 

Before his magic had made it past the second floor, which was thankfully undamaged, the sleigh’s occupant disembarked. Her black dress appeared first, and there were spikes rising from her train that matched the iron spikes on her crown. They reminded me of branches. But this lady had nothing in common with the Queen of All Trees. The Queen Tree was goodness and light, but this crown-wearing lady was something else.

She looked smug as her dark eyes fell first our Scribe then on me and Papa. I might have leaned into him, in need of protection. There was something not right about that woman on the roof, and it wasn’t just the pure black eyes or the curling black talons she sported, but they were creepy too.

“Who are you?” Aunie Sovvan planted her fists on her hips.

“A creepy lady,” Uncle Miren muttered.

Papa gave him a stern look, and he quieted. But I had been thinking the same thing. That woman was definitely unsettling, but did she mean us harm?

“I am Dysteria, the Destroyer of Worlds, and the eraser wiping you all out of existence.” Dysteria spat over the edge then turned on her heel and stalked back to her sleigh.

But we remained frozen. Time had trapped us in that moment it took that globule of spit to descend. I saw worlds collide within it, but that might have just been the reflections of Papa’s overeager magic. Or maybe, it was a sign of what was to come.


To be continued next week as our blockbuster holiday adventure continues with another all-new episode. I say that like we’d ever have reruns in here. 😉

Don’t forget!

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Until next time, have an awesome week!

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