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Hi Readers!

Good news! Curse Breaker: Hidden is far enough along that our Scribe could do the final edit and formatting for His Angelic Keeper #2: Hidden!

(Here’s a picture of our Scribe hard at work. I might have decorated her desk with a forest of LED trees to make it nice and festive. Now, our Scribe has a miniature enchanted forest on her desk. Appropriate, right? Since she’s writing about characters who live steps away from a real enchanted forest.)

Curse Breaker: Hidden is currently 102,000 words and rising. We need 8000 more words to beat Auntie Sovvan’s book because our books have to be longer than hers. They just have to be. We started this publishing thing. She came along later.

We’ll smash through that word count. Don’t you worry. Curse Breaker: Hidden features all your favorite characters: me (Ran, Sarn’s son), Papa (Sarn), Uncle Miren, Auntie Sovvan, Bear, the Queen of All Trees, J.C., Jerlo, Nolo, Saveen, Ranispara, Inari, Nulthir, Will, Thing and his family and so much more!

In Curse Breaker: Faceted, Curse Breaker: Falls, and Curse Breaker: Sundered, you saw a lot of our enemies and got into their heads. In Curse Breaker: Hidden, you’re in the heads of your heroes! So exciting, right?

From page one on, you’re hanging with the good guys and gals! There could be one or two scenes where you’re not in our heads. We’ll find out when the book is complete.

Since His Angelic Keeper: Hidden is off at the proofreader/beta reader for one last look, we can let you have a peek at the trouble Auntie Sovvan and Fay, the ex-goddess of Fate, get into.

Get that preview here.

pre-order your copy of His Angelic Keeper Hidden here.

Please note, the preview link above is a private link only for you, our wonderful subscriber, so please do not share it about.

We will put up a public link for non-subscribers on our website. But this advanced preview is just for you.

Call it an early Christmas gift or a late Hanukkah gift.

The cast of Melinda’s books and our Scribe wish you and your family a very merry holiday filled with all things bright and beautiful. Let it glow (but please, no more snow!)

And now, a word from my aunt, Sovvan:

A Note from the Other Side

I’m back. I’m Sovvan, the ghost who might be turning into an angel. I still find that hard to believe. I’m also the hero of His Angelic Keeper, the first book in my breakaway new series. 

When you last saw me, my guardian angel had fallen to the dark side. He also threw an Agent of Chaos at me, and it injected something into me when it bit me. Now, I’m fading away, but the goddess of Fate, (I didn’t know she was real), poked her nose in and reminded me about the apple she’d given me.

 It turns out that apple is a concentrated burst of creation, and it supposedly disrupts the Agents of Chaos’ disintegrating effect.

Who knew? I certainly didn’t.

That crabapple didn’t come with instructions, so you’ll forgive me for not knowing what to do with it other than to pocket it. I’m still stuck on the fact that a goddess from a fallen pantheon is still wandering around. What’s that all about? 

I have a sinking feeling I’m about to find out.

If you choose to come on this wild and crazy adventure with me, pre-order your copy of His Angelic Keeper Hidden now.

Ran is generously handing over control of this newsletter for a while. I promise, you’ll be in good hands!

—Sovvan, sister of Sarn and guardian angel-in-training (fingers crossed!)

P.S. You might want to check out my first adventure, His Angelic Keeper #1 as well.

P.P.S. I know my nephew wished you a happy holiday from all us characters, but I wanted to wish you personally a very merry Christmas and happy New Year in case you can’t get to your inbox between now and then.

See you next week!

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