It’s done!

Hi Readers,

We couldn’t wait until Monday to tell you His Angelic Keeper Fallen is done!

It clocks in at 92,644 words.

Wait a minute. We had said in a previous email that it was over 111,000 words. Where did that ~20,000 words go?

To the sequel!

The sequel is actually 30,000 words strong right now because our poor Scribe didn’t get the memo that the book had ended for a few weeks, so she wrote almost a third of the sequel without realizing it.

I blame Auntie Sovvan for that.

As the main character of the His Angelic Keeper books, it’s her job to keep track of such important things like where her book ends and a new one begins.

But it’s done, and now we need to figure out how to edit this book. We’ll probably get creative, so it’ll be a wild ride. Hope you’ll stick around for it.

But that brings me to the most important question in the history of questions.

What should our Scribe write next?

  • Curse Breaker Tapped?
  • Rogue Spells?
  • Rogue Ranger?
  • His Angelic Keeper 4?
  • Mage Hunter?
  • Something else?

What do you want to read next?

The cast is dying to know.

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