I Went Undercover

Hi Readers,

We’re back again because the Scribe wasn’t paying attention to us. 🙂

And we just got the new cover for His Angelic Keeper Tempted, so we just had to show you. Since the Scribe is busy, she can’t stop us! 🙂

She wanted to do an official reveal, but that sounded complicated.

So I figured, why not grab the final cover and drop it into an email to show you?

So much easier, right?

And bonus! Now it’s official! No more changes so the Scribe can work on my books.

This is Ran, Sarn’s son and the host of this newsletter adventure.

Imagine little me, sneaking around a sun-lit studio apartment.

Wait, make me a little bigger in your imagined scene and the apartment smaller.

That’s better. I’m not mouse-sized even though Uncle Miren calls me ‘little mouse’ sometimes. The nickname refers to my love for cheese, not my size. I am pretty big for my age according to everyone who sees me.

Back to our scene.

I’m tiptoeing behind a big white leather computer chair. Why is it white?

That was the only color available when the Newsletter Dragon sat on the Scribe’s old computer chair and broke it. Let that be today’s lesson.

Don’t let a dragon sit on your gaming chair. It may have been built to support 300 pounds, but dragons weigh a lot more than that, even the small ones.

Also, don’t let the dragon try to weld the broken chair back together either. It’s not a good idea, and it smells like roasting leather over an open fire. Just trust me on that.

If your dragon does break your chair, command them to pick up the pieces and deposit them in the nearest trashcan. It’s safer for all.

Okay enough about dragons before I summon her. Let’s get back to me sneaking around Melinda’s apartment.

Where’s Papa and Uncle Miren?

They’re on the other side of that nice purple-glowing portal over by the small brown couch. They can’t see me right now.

Papa is attempting to heat something that may or may not be edible when he’s done, and Uncle Miren is doing homework. I have only moments before one of them notices I left our cave.

So back to me tiptoeing around.

Why am I sneaking around?

Well, how else can I get the cover to show you?

For style points, I slid across that bare floor behind the Scribe working away and waved to the nice people on the Zoom call, but no one noticed.

Oh well. Maybe next time they’ll see me?

I snagged that cover and waved it around like a victory flag. Now you can see it too:

Do you like her new armor/look better?

I do, but I’m biased since she’s my aunt. 🙂

And that’s all for today. It was quite an adventure. I need a snack and a nap now.

Thank you for joining me!

Don’t forget to preorder your copy of His Angelic Keeper Tempted today!

We’ll be back with more on Monday.

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