How to help the people of Ukraine

Hi, readers, and visitors from the far reaches of the internet.

Your favorite fantasy characters (or your new favorite ones if this is your first time here) will update this post with links and information we find about ways to help the people of Ukraine.

  • Time Magazine has a list of organizations here that need donations to help children and provide medical supplies to paramedics and doctors.
  • Fortune has a longer list that includes some of the ones on the Time Magazine’s list plus some others. You can find it here.
  • RazomUkraine has a list of ways to help here.

A Polish travel blogger (Eva Zubeck) shared this advice for how to support your Ukrainian friends and family in this difficult time:

She has other resources as well as links to Instagram accounts of Ukrainians who are posting what they’re experiencing if you’re looking for a personal take on the war. You can find Eva’s Ukrainian story here.

Eva posted this on February 27, 2022:

Links to her story and the links mentioned in her post:

We will add to this post when we find other resources/organizations to share. We stand with Ukraine.

This post was put together by a group of concerned fictional characters from the Curse Breaker series, the His Angelic Keeper series, the Robin of Larkspur series, the Curse Breaker’s Companion series, and the Divergent Heroes series.

But we have the full support and approval of our Scribe, Melinda Kucsera, and she may have typed this up for us since we’re fictional and she isn’t. She also stands with Ukraine. 💙💛