Let’s talk about books!

Hi readers,

Thank you for the birthday wishes. The Scribe (Melinda) celebrated her birthday this past Thursday by having lunch with her parents and writing stories for us, her cast of lovable characters.

(This is Ran, Sarn’s son, from the Curse Breaker series. But you knew that because I don’t let just anyone write to you. I’ve got standards to uphold.)

In other news, Melinda didn’t finish Curse Breaker Trapped. She tried, but the story wants to be as long as Curse Breaker Hidden, and since this is my big reveal, I’m making sure the book has all the scenes it needs to capture all the drama and danger.

By my calculations, Melinda needs to write another 10-12 chapters. I estimate that’s another 20,000 words. My heart is so happy about that. But I always want more scenes.

My poor Scribe just wants the book to end, so she can write something else. 😂 She’s tired of fighting with us. Papa is pretty easygoing and so am I, but other characters gave her trouble like Queen Shayari.

That’s shocking, right? She seems so cool under pressure, but something happened to Queen Shayari after Curse Breaker Fallout ended. If you read the book, then you know who paid her and the Queen of All Trees a visit.

The Scribe doesn’t like what happened, but she accidentally set it up in His Angelic Keeper Tempted and didn’t realize it until she reread that book. So now she has to allow it even though she doesn’t want it to happen.

But you won’t see that in Trapped. The Scribe decided to move that to Curse Breaker Jousts at my insistence. I didn’t want to share the limelight in Trapped. It’s my moment in the sun, and I want to enjoy it!

Because of that, Papa and I need to fix the problem in Jousts. No pressure, right? And here I thought we’d just attend the joust like normal people and cheer the knights on. Oh well. Maybe next time we’ll be spectators.

Melinda will finish Curse Breaker Trapped then work on Curse Breaker Jousts. And by work on, I mean revise what she wrote previously and add in new stuff to connect it to the 8 books that came before it. I sense more scenes coming for me. 🙂 So theoretically, that book shouldn’t take forever like Trapped did.

I know I’m being dramatic. Trapped didn’t take forever. It just feels that way because Melinda started writing it before her sister passed away and before she even wrote Curse Breaker Enchanted.

And she wrote Curse Breaker Jousts before that. So it needs a lot of revisions and updates, and the Scribe will probably rewrite the entire thing because that’s what Melinda does. But I just want her to finish both books, so we can get them into your hands.

The Scribe also wants to work on another series. She’s tired of us already. 🙂

I think the next series to get a trilogy will be the Robin of Larkspur series followed by the Divergent Heroes series, then His Angelic Keeper will get some books and finally back to us for another Curse Breaker trilogy.

(Papa will turn 21 in that next trilogy, and I don’t know what to expect. 😱 Will his powers go boom? Will I get a power-up? I have so many questions!)

And somewhere in all that, there will be more Curse Breaker’s Companion books, starring me, your hero, in zany adventures that blur the line between reality and fantasy. I promise to go nuts in those stories.

For now, the Scribe wants to try writing trilogies for each series, not just ours. I tried to convince her to only write trilogies for the Curse Breaker series.

But Melinda said, “that isn’t fair to other characters.”

So I said, “they’re not here begging you for more books, but I am. You should write more books for me!”

Melinda patted me on the head and walked away. But I always get more books. She’ll give in to my demands eventually. When she decided to try writing trilogies, I suggested she start with the Curse Breaker series, and she did. So I’ll win in the end. 😉

But I only suggested she work on our books because she was sad about the anniversary of her sister’s death. Our books always cheer her up, and if she finished Trapped, then she could work on Jousts.

Did you know Melinda’s deceased sister actually read a draft of Curse Breaker Jousts?

That old draft will form the heart of the new Curse Breaker Jousts, and you will hopefully have it in your hands or on your e-reader soon. And that’s exciting. Well, it is for me. The Scribe might be a little scared to put that story out into the world.

Melinda wrote the joust scenes ten years ago after attending the New York Renaissance fair with her sister. So both Curse Breaker Trapped and Curse Breaker Jousts are near and dear to her heart. But I have a crowbar ready to pry them away from her when the time comes to hit the publish button.

Don’t worry. You’ll get your hands on these books soon, and they’ll be the best we can make them. I’ll make sure of that. I can’t lie, so my word is my bond, and I am bound to it! 🙂

(Please don’t tell Papa. I’m not supposed to go around promising people things because promises are binding. So mum’s the word! My future adventures depend on your silence.)

But this plan could change. Melinda could write one book per series and rotate through them instead of writing a trilogy per series. Let us know what you think of this plan.

Do you want trilogies or single books?

Your favorite character wants to know. Hit reply and tell me!

Usually, we’d include an excerpt, but the beginning of Trapped is not set in stone yet, so I can’t present that even though I really, really want to. I could end with another scene from Fallout but I can’t stop thinking about Trapped, and it’s not ready yet. We don’t even have an official blurb either. So I guess I’ll just see you next week.

Are you excited about Curse Breaker Trapped?

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