Why you should never let a character…

Hi Readers,

I’m back, and I have a confession to make. But first, let me tie up some loose ends I left dangling in our last email. (This is Ran, Sarn’s son, writing to you as always. I just like to announce that in every email, so you know.)

Last week, I said I’m not a sidekick in Curse Breaker Trapped. And I asked what role you think I’ll play in our forthcoming book. Since no one wrote in a guess except that dragon, and she sent her response 49 times, I’ll just tell you.

That’s right. I go on my own adventures, three to be exact. Uncle Miren is my sidekick for one of the three adventures.

Why not Papa? He has his own troubles in Curse Breaker Trapped.

Does he know what I’m doing? You’ll have to read Curse Breaker Trapped to find out. It’s coming soon. Our Patrons can read early chapters, view the new artwork for the book and a visual journey showing how we arrived at it, and other bonus stuff.

Patrons will receive copies of Curse Breaker Trapped and the AI-narrated audiobook before they hit stores to thank them for helping us bring the books to life. Become a patron now to get all the goodies. As a founding patron, you’ll help shape the community and rewards because we have no idea what we’re doing.

But that hasn’t stopped us yet.

We back on Patreon with a new mission: to build a community of fantasy readers. Over the next month, we’ll be filling it with all kinds of goodies for you. So if there’s something you want like an interview with a villain or more of that dragon’s shenanigans, tell us!

And now for my confession and the number 1 reason why you should never let a fictional character touch your smartphone (it’s not what you think).

So what happened?

I was minding my own business, like a good character ought to, when out of nowhere appears our Newsletter-Dragon, and she’s juggling fireballs.

(Do other dragons pop up like this? Or is ours the only attention-seeker out there?)

Anyway, I’m just scrolling around the internet not bothering anyone, and she jumps in front of me. I didn’t want to get singed, so I jumped backward, but the phone didn’t come with me. It hovered there, caught in the glowing blue gaze of that dragon.

Around and around those fireballs went, getting closer to the phone with every revolution as I stood there, slack-jawed with surprise. It wasn’t a good look for me, so I shut my mouth. I needed to rescue that phone before her fireballs burned it, but I had no plan, and the Scribe was miles away at her day job. So I couldn’t call her, not unless I got my hands on that phone.

Papa was busy relighting crystals under Mount Eredren, so he wasn’t around to save me from the dragon. Uncle Miren was at school, and that was also under Mount Eredren, so he was out too. But there was someone I could call, and I shouted her name as loudly as I could. “Auntie Sovven!”

And that was where everything went horribly wrong.

A white flash blinded me, and Auntie Sovvan landed feet-first on the dragon’s head, which caused the dragon to lose control of her spinning fireballs (there were three). The phone also fell.

That dragon grabbed her fireballs and swallowed them while I dove for the phone. But I missed it by mere inches, and the phone struck the pavement screen-first. Oops. I did mention we had this little altercation in the parking lot, right?

Why was I out there?

It was a sunny day. I don’t have any other reason than that. Don’t kids play outside anymore?

But I digress. The screen cracked, and the Scribe was mad because she does a lot of writing on her phone, especially lately since her eyes have been acting up. (Don’t worry. We dragged her to an Ophthalmologist, and they’re monitoring the situation.)

I promised a confession, and here it is.

I broke the Scribe’s phone. I didn’t mean to, but it still happened on my watch, and I need to own that.

Did that dragon confess her part in this drama to the Scribe or my perplexed aunt?

Heck no. She batted her blue-glowing eyes and pretended she had nothing to do with the whole thing. But we know she did.

I’m watching her. She won’t get away with this again. Nor will she delay our book. The Scribe is hard at work on it in between working for her day job. Curse Breaker Trapped will have it all–danger, drama, and death-defying stunts!

Well, maybe not the last one. But who knows what we’ll squeeze in. The book isn’t done until it’s in your hands, and that hasn’t happened yet.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Before we close this week’s email, I just want to remind you about the coupons and sales various retailers are offering on our books. All that info is here along with a fun interview with the dragon about them (with the fireballs).

We made a video with the first couple of chapters from Curse Breaker Enchanted read by an AI. View/listen to it here.

Are you a paperback fan?

Let us know.

Why am I asking?

Because this week, Amazon dropped the price of 3 of our paperbacks below what they’ll let us charge. (The price of a paperback book is the cost of printing the book plus a large percentage that the retailer keeps as their distribution fee. Our Scribe and us, characters, only receive a dollar or two if we’re lucky.)

The price went back up the next day for two of the three books, but the third book (Hunter’s Night) was still $6.27 as of Sunday night when I wrote this email. That’s a steal and also a weird price point.

And don’t forget to become a patron. Your support means the world to us.

Thank you and have a great week! We’ll see you next week.

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