New Video On YouTube!

Hi Readers, or should I say, listeners? 🙂

This is Ran, your favorite character, back with a new video!

What did I just post on YouTube?

A preview of the AI-narrated audiobook for Curse Breaker Faceted!

I know. You wish a human had narrated this. So do we, but the AI did a good job despite it being synthetic. Papa isn’t a fast talker, and he gets all quiet and broody when everyone else is running from monsters and stuff.

I have to remind him that we should run too because monsters are scary and dangerous. Sometimes, he just nods even though he hasn’t heard a word I said.

Oh well. I’m usually behind the strongest shield he can cast, so I’m okay. But he sometimes forgets to shield himself.

Mages are weird.

Here’s that preview. Enjoy an hour and a half-ish with us.