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Curse Breaker Trapped

by Melinda Kucsera

The Adventure Calls (Chapter 3, part 3)

Ran waited, but the shadow didn’t move again. “Maybe I imagined it.” He shrugged and hurried to the library.

“Maybe not. We might not be the only people going to the library right now. Other people could be headed to that school thing too.”

“I didn’t think of that, but you’re right. The library is a big place, and it can hold a lot of people.” Ran ignored that prickly feeling between his shoulder blades. No one was following them. Someone else must be headed to the library too like Furball had said. But he didn’t hear any footsteps other than his own.

“Do you think Gramps will be okay?” Furball asked, distracting him. A week ago, Furball’s grandfather had hurt his mind by working too much magic.

“Yes. My uncle says he’s too nosey to stay down for long.” Ran put on an extra burst of speed as the giant doors to the library loomed before him. They were almost there.

“How do we find your uncle? The library has a lot of aisles.”

Ran didn’t know, so he shrugged. “That’s part of the adventure. We’ll just have to look everywhere.” Until Papa woke up and his magic told him where they were. Ran doubted this adventure would last long then. But until that happened, he’d enjoy every minute of it.

“So we’re on a quest to the land of books to find your uncle?” Furball perked up at that news.

“Yes, we are.” Ran squared his shoulders and marched through the giant doors of the library like a conquering hero.

“Can we pretend your uncle is a wizard? A lot of the quest stories he reads you have wizards in tall towers, and everyone’s always searching for them.”

“Sure. Wizards have libraries too.” Ran entered the first aisle, and shelves of books dwarfed him. At the end of the aisle, there were more aisles and more shelves of books. But somewhere beyond them, there were also tables and comfy chairs, and Uncle Miren might be there.

“Ran, what are you doing here?” Uncle Miren asked, proving his theory wrong.

Ran spun to face his uncle. Darn. Their quest was over already. “I came to see you and find out what this school thing you go to is.”

“Hi, Miren.” Furball waved from where he sat in his hood.

“Hello, Furball. Does my brother know you’re here?” Miren shelved the book in his hand.

That was the one question Ran had hoped his uncle wouldn’t ask because the answer was no. Papa didn’t know he was here. Uh-oh. Ran had taken too long to answer, and his uncle had realized the truth.

“He doesn’t know.” Uncle Miren covered his face with his hands when Ran shook his head.

“Not yet, but his magic will tell him when he wakes up.” Ran covered his mouth. Maybe he shouldn’t have said that, but it was the truth. Papa’s magic always knew where he was. White light filled the aisle, saving him from a lecture, and Ran squinted until strong arms wrapped around him.

“I missed you,” Auntie Sovvan said as the light faded. “And you too.” She pulled Uncle Miren into a hug.

“And me three?” Furball asked from his hood.

“Yes, and you as well.” Auntie Sovvan kissed the top of his head since she didn’t have an arm free.

“I missed you too. You have a halo and wings! Now, you’re a proper angel.” Ran returned the hug. Thank God she’d arrived when she had. Now he just needed Uncle Miren to forget he’d snuck out to see him.

“Yes, I do. Where’s my twin?” Auntie Sovvan glanced around while she hugged him, and her wings disappeared. Her poofy white dress spanned the entire width of the aisle.

“He’s still asleep in Nulthir’s flat where you should be.” Uncle Miren glared at Ran.

“Yes, he is.” Ran widened his eyes and tried to look innocent. Hopefully, Auntie Sovvan would distract his uncle. Didn’t she want to talk to Uncle Miren about those bad people called the Riders of that long word that started with the letter A?

“Oh.” Auntie Sovvan set him down next to Uncle Miren, and he grabbed Ran’s hand.

But that wasn’t necessary. Ran wasn’t going anywhere. There was too much to explore in the library, and he must keep Uncle Miren from taking him back to Nulthir’s flat. “Did you come to talk about the Riders?”

“Yes, I need to talk to you about the seals, the wraths, and the Riders of the Apocalypse.” Auntie Sovvan touched the spine of a nearby book. “Is there somewhere we can talk in private?”

That meant she wanted to discuss secret stuff with them. Ran bounced on his toes. “We can sit on the comfy chairs and talk. I know where they are.” Ran headed for them.

“He’s right. We can sit there, and you can tell us everything.” Miren followed with Auntie Sovvan.

Ran smiled. The adventure was back on. “We have a new quest,” he whispered to Furball.

“Yes, we do.” Furball clapped his hands.

Now Ran just needed to keep Uncle Miren from mentioning that he’d snuck out to his sister, so she didn’t mention it when she went to see Papa after their talk. And just maybe, he could keep his uncle so busy; he’d forget to tell Papa.


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