Did we survive the turkey monster?

Hi Readers!

If you celebrated Thanksgiving this past week, we hope you enjoyed it. As the short story that we sent out on Thanksgiving Day shows, we had a good time too. (If you missed that, you can read it here.)

This is Ran, Sarn’s son from the Curse Breaker series, back to entertain you.

I figured out what we’re doing in this newsletter. If you miss Thursdays the email, I ended up by saying that I didn’t know what we would be doing today, but I always have something to say.

First off, we have some videos for you!

Listen to Chapter 18 of Curse Breaker Enchanted:

Then listen to Chapter 19 of Curse Breaker Enchanted.

And then, sit back and listen to something truly different from us. Have you ever wondered about the deep lore behind our books?

If so, then listen to The Deep Lore: What Lies Beneath the Curse Breaker series. This video just scratches the surface, but it’ll be the first of many programs that discusses why our world is the way it is and why the answer to that question is important for Rogue Ranger, our next book release.

Don’t forget to come back here after you watch those videos. You can also listen to all three programs on our podcast.

Now that the goodies are out of the way, I thought I’d give you a little background on how Thursday’s email came together and where that short story might go in the future because I told it for a reason. And that reason wasn’t just to get you to email my Scribe and beg her for more Curse Breaker books, starring me and Papa and Uncle Miren, but definitely do that too.

Back to my story because I have a story, I promise. So Thursday’s email started out with me, Ran, alone in my Scribe’s apartment. I was bored and staring at her computer screen when what to my wondering I should appear?

A notification. It came from something called ‘discord.’

I don’t understand why someone would call a program that doesn’t have a disc or a cord that. But not much in your world makes sense to me, so I’ll let it slide.

Since I had nothing to do, I clicked the notification.

I impersonate my scribe often on social media, so I figured why not do it on this platform too?

A window appeared, and there were images with buttons under them that said things like V1 and W1. I didn’t know what any of that meant, but I never met a button I didn’t click, so I clicked one.

Do you know what happened?

A little message popped up, and a new picture formed. It was blurry at first. When it clarified, it was like the other image but different.

There were buttons under that new image too, but it wasn’t an interesting picture. It was just a glowing circle with blobby things inside it.

Could this thing make me a turkey monster?

I typed that into a box, and it took lots of me clicking on the buttons under the new pictures that came up to get the base for the image we had in our newsletter on Thursday.

Side note: the Scribe did some post work on that image. It didn’t come out of the thingamabob looking like that, but it made a cool card. So that’s where the turkey image came from.

Melinda, (my Scribe), says there’s some controversy over how those applications create images, and where they get their source material from. For now, we’re not using AI art on any of our book covers or interior art. If that changes, we promise to tell you.

But we might use the AI to make fun things like that holiday card when we can’t find stock imagery to use. I just wanted to reassure you about that because I know a lot of people are concerned about AI art generators.

So that’s our current policy on it. But I didn’t come here to talk about that. I just wanted to just make our position on it clear, so you’re not wondering.

You should wonder what happens next in our books, not about where the art we use comes from.

Okay enough of that. If you have questions, you can always hit reply, and we’ll be happy to answer them. Let’s get back to my turkey monster story.

For a long time, we wanted to do some fun holiday adventure stories. But those stories need to take place after everyone finds out I exist, and that finally happened at the end of Curse Breaker Revealed!

Now we just need Papa to turn 21, and that will happen in the sequel to Curse Breaker Jousts, and we might call that book Curse Breaker Unleashed.

After Unleashed, we can do all the holiday adventures that we’ve been teasing about over the years. And we can finish the turkey monster story!

Will their actually be a turkey monster in it? You know what my vote is.

In other news, we got a first look at some concepts for a cover for Curse Breaker Jousts!

Isn’t that exciting? Now I have to talk about Robin because she’s standing nearby and glaring at me in a menacing way.

Rogue Ranger is going well, according to her. It’s almost finished and will hopefully head off to the editor soon. There’s more information about it’s status along with some interesting spoilers in the deep lore video linked above, so definitely give that a listen.

And that’s what your favorite characters and their Scribe have been up to this week. We’ll return next week with more!

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