Happy New Year and a story

Hi Readers,

It’s Ran, Sarn’s son from the Curse Breaker series, and I’m back but I’m hanging my head in shame. What did I do now?

First off, let me wish you a happy, healthy and fun new year!

May all you do succeed, all your dreams come true, and every book you read this year surprise and delight you like a 5-star read should.

Of course, I’m hoping the books I co-star in are on that 5-star list. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t wish that! But on a more somber note, since I’m a fictional character, I only exist when you read my stories, so I need new people to discover my books and read them just to survive.

And now I depressed you. I’m sorry! That wasn’t my intent.

Let’s move on to why I’m in trouble again.

I might have forgotten until Christmas morning tell to my Scribe, Melinda, that we’re bringing back an old holiday story and redoing it.

Yeah, my timing was a bit off, but it took a while to find those old holiday stories. So Melinda had to scrap what she was working on for last week’s email to rewrite the opening of Shards For His Present, turning it into Shards For His Gift.

I apologize for any formatting errors or typos. Melinda spent Christmas with family, then had to come home and work on what I wanted her to write. But I got page time, so I’m not that sorry, and you’re not surprised.

Next time, she says I need to give her a week’s notice, so we can do things properly. But I got what I wanted in the end, more page time! So I’m happy, and the story continues this week.

How long will it be?

We’ll find out together when the story’s done and edited.

And that brings me to today’s tea. Oh boy do I have news!

Melinda isn’t sure she wants to end Rogue Ranger where it currently ends, so she decided to write to the end of that story arc, which includes the search, the rescue, and the return to Mount Eredren, then figure out how to divide that narrative into books.

So Robin also gets more page time. Oh well. I can’t win every time.

If anything changes, I’ll let you know, but that’s the current plan. Once Melinda’s sure about the end of Rogue Ranger, she’ll work out editing and formatting and all things the books you read require. So stay tuned for more details on that.

And now back to the cozy, lower stakes, slice-of-life story, Shards For His Gift. It’s mostly from my point of view since I’m well, and Papa isn’t. But who knows if that will change? He doesn’t stay put for long.

Don’t worry. Curse Breaker Jousts will be another of our high-stakes adventures with plenty of action, drama, and maybe even some magical creatures. Shards For His Gift takes place about three days after Curse Breaker Revealed ended, so I must rate it S for mild spoilers.

If you don’t want spoilers, then stop here. You can read Curse Breaker Revealed or get it as part of the omnibus, Curse Breaker Books 7-9. The story is the same whether you read it on its own or as part of the boxed set. There’s also an audiobook narrated by Google’s digital voices if you want to go that route. We have a preview on our YouTube channel.

And I’ve rambled on enough. Onward to the story!

Shards For His Gift

A Curse Breaker Story

by Melinda Kucsera

Shards For His Gift is a cozy fantasy story of magic and one family’s struggle to stay together. In a world that hates and fears magic, how can one mage win custody of his son and survive?


We’ll be back next week with more.

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