Oops. We might have goofed

(But we’re back to apologize and entertain you!)

Hey Readers,

Sorry about last week. We thought we sent the newsletter but then we couldn’t find it anywhere. We thought we did something wrong, and you know how much I hate asking that dragon for help. But I had no choice because the email didn’t show up in our inbox, and it wasn’t in the outbox. It wasn’t anywhere on Substack either.

But I found a draft, so I sent it again, and here’s where things get strange. This is Ran, Sarn’s son from the Curse Breaker series, and I’m not as email savvy as I thought I was. Thankfully, my job is to co-star in a fantasy book series, and I’m very good at that.

But I’ll return that in a moment. Let’s go back to when I found a draft and had the bright idea to send it again because that’s what you do with a draft, right?

After I hit send the second time, the first email showed up, but now there were two copies in our inbox.

Obviously, something went wrong, and our Scribe, Melinda, thinks she knows what.

I hope we chose the right send option this time. Substack has multiple send options and none are the ones we had on our previous email host.

You’re probably thinking, “but Ran, there’s documentation. Why didn’t you read what each option does?”

You’re right. There’s some documentation. Melinda read it, and we chose the option that should send you our newsletter to your inbox.

Hopefully, you only received one copy this week. If not, then I’m sorry! We’ll try again next week.

Now that we got that off our chests, let’s move onto why we’re both here—book news!

I am happy to report that Shards For His Gift has 18 chapters! Take that Robin!

Sorry to gloat, but we’re competing for page time right now, and I’m winning. But that’s as it should be.

Oh no, she’s giving me the death glare. Maybe I should take that back?

Nah. She decided to go off on multiple plot twists that weren’t in the outline and send her 4th book on a whole different track. Now she needs to give our Scribe, Melinda, some time to figure out what to do.

And I want so badly to tell you what those twists are! Our Patron knows one of the really big twists. The other one, we haven’t released yet because Melinda is still trying to figure out how to work around this second twist and bring the story back to where it was supposed to go. (The rescue part of the story.)

There are some plot twists that baffle even our Scribe, and this is one of them. Although, there’s a short scene in Rogue Night that sets up the twist, so it was something Robin needed to be deal with eventually. But Melinda wasn’t planning on resolving that in book 4.

I’m all for handling it now since I get extra page time while Melinda’s thinking about it. Robin can throw all the twists she wants at our Scribe. Bring them on!

I can suggest some twists if you need them, Robin. Just let me know.

Okay, I’ve done enough teasing. It’s time to return you to my story, where no twists are too big or too baffling for our wonderful Scribe. She knows how to handle whatever I throw at her, and I’m always on hand to suggest solutions.

(If you haven’t read Curse Breaker Revealed, book 9 of the Curse Breaker series, now would be a good time to do that since Shards For His Gift takes place right after it.)

Shards For His Gift

By Melinda Kucsera

Chapter 2 – It Shouldn’t Bind Me, Part 2

(To read Chapter 1 or Part 1 of Chapter 2, become a Patron or upgrade your subscription on Substack.)

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