We finally did it!

Hi Readers,

I think we got the hang of things last week, so you shouldn’t receive any duplicate emails from us. Since this is the first week of February, we have an update on our books! It’s a short video that’s just under 3 minutes of our Scribe, Melinda, talking about progress on our upcoming books. Watch it here.

And in keeping with the chaos behind the scenes, that plan may already be changing. This is Ran, Sarn’s son from the Curse Breaker series and your faithful spy behind the scenes, whose always ready to spill all the tea each week when I can.

This isn’t mentioned in the update video because it just happened. Our podcast, which has been on hiatus since Thanksgiving because of construction happening next door is finally available on Apple podcasts.

Thank for crossing your fingers and sending positive vides because we finally found the step we missed! Our podcast will return with new episodes very soon.

In other news, Shards For His Gift has 23 chapters now! You can read them by upgrading your subscription on Substack or becoming a Patron on Patreon. And we have some cool things to reward our supports on both platforms, stuff I’ve been quiet about in here because we needed to work out the timing of them.

With the Scribe doing more commuting for her day job starting today, we’re being careful to promise only what we can deliver. So there’s some things happening behind the scenes that you haven’t heard about yet unless you’re on Patreon. Our Patron knows everything.

But you will hear about it in the upcoming weeks right here in this newsletter since we’re done enough that we can pick dates and meet them. I know I’m being cryptic, and I’m sorry about that.

We had a setback this week, so I can’t talk about the details yet even though I really, really want to. So we need this week to get that sorted, and I apologize for that. Sometimes things just don’t work out even when you do your best.

But we’re picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off, and giving it another try. And we hope if you too are experiencing a setback that you get up and try again too. We’ll be right there with you doing the same.

And now that I depressed you, it’s time to put a smile on your face with some more cozy-ish fantasy shenanigans featuring me, Ran. Sarn’s son from the Curse Breaker series, also known as your usual narrator in this email, not the books. My father is the main character of all our books, except one.

If you’re new here, start the Curse Breaker series with Enchanted. Shards For His Gift takes place right after Curse Breaker Revealed.

And now for the next installment of:

Shards For His Gift

By Melinda Kucsera

Chapter 2 – It Shouldn’t Bind Me, Part 3

(To read previous parts of this story, become a Patron or upgrade your subscription on Substack.)

That’s it for this week. We’ll be back next week with more!

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