It’s coming in March and other good news

Hi Readers,


It’s me. I’m back!

This is Ran, Sarn’s son and your usual narrator for this newsletter. I let my Scribe, Melinda, who is kindly typing this for me, take over last week since she was feeling blue. I thought talking directly to you instead of talking to you through me would make her feel better, and it did.

Her father was discharged from the hospital on Saturday. So our Scribe is relieved about that. Things were touch go for a while since he was dangerously anemic and septic because of kidney disease. But that’s all under control and now, and hopefully, he won’t wait until death is knocking at his door to visit a doctor and get help next time he’s ill.

And now onto some happier news. You can preorder Rogue Rangerright now. It publishes on March 10, 2023. That date might look familiar because it’s our Scribe’s birthday! Reserve your copy now!

In other book news, episode 2 of season 2 for our podcast is out. Watch it on YouTube or listen on your favorite podcast catcher.

If you missed the first season and need to catch up, no worries! We have two audiobooks to help you with that!

If you want the 16 episodes with all the commentary and craziness plus the deep lore episode and the episode about how our books saved our Scribe, get this version.

If you want the first 19 chapters from Curse Breaker Enchanted our Scribe narrated within those 16 episodes without the commentary, then get this one.

What’s in the writing queue, now that Rogue Ranger is publishing?

I thought you’d never ask.

Here’s what’s in the queue right now, and it’s a race to the finish line.

  • Shards For His Gift is the favorite to win the race, I mean publish next. 🙂
  • Rogue Rescue is taking wild turns. No seriously, things are nuts in there and I want so badly to spoil it for you.
  • Rogue Gods – you’ll hear more about this later, but it’ll be book 5 in the Robin of Larkspur series and push Rogue Gift, making it book 6. But more on that in the upcoming months.

Now I want to get back to my tale because that’s my right since I’m the narrator of this email.

Shards For His Gift

By Melinda Kucsera

Chapter 3 – The Gift

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That’s it for this week. We’ll be back next week with more!

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