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Hi Readers,

This is not your newsletter-dragon. She bungled things last week, so it falls to me to fix things or my brother and nephew will never get rescued and that, my dear friend, is unacceptable.

I miss my nephew. Ran and I haven’t had much face time since I only just met him (in terms of the space-time continuum within our book world.) So I want to get him back. And let’s face it, if I see one more email mentioning GDPR, I’ll fling my halo chakram-style at the newsletter-dragon while shouting an ululating war cry.

(I didn’t get a flaming sword yet, so I can’t brandish it while channeling my inner warrior woman. I’m still working on that. This is not a spoiler, just an unfortunate fact I’m working to change. After all, I was born to slice and dice evil into itty-bitty pieces. Just ask my brother, Sarn and maybe his son. Ran tends to have an opinion on everything.)

As I said above, the newsletter-dragon bungled things. She sent the wrong link to preview my awesome adventure. I apologize for that. Here’s the correct link:

And now, because GDPR is breathing down our necks, here is a link to our privacy statement. Click here for the More Technical Edition, a meatier read about your data’s privacy. Click here for the Newsletter-Dragon’s Down-and-Dirty plain speech version if you just want the most salient points. She’ll keep both up to date, and we’ll let you know if we ever need to modify those documents.

“Why would we?” asked the Warrior Angel manacling my arm.

“I have no idea. I’m an angel-in-training, not an online marketer. Would you loosen your grip? My arm’s losing circulation.”

“So you can try to slip away? Notice I said ‘try.’ I’m still the only angel in His Angelic Keeper you haven’t given the slip.”

Misriah grinned. She had a point there much as I hated to admit it. Misriah and her violet-eyed accomplice exchanged a knowing glance. And you’re likely wondering who I am because I didn’t introduce myself. Sorry about that.

This is Sovvan, Sarn’s light-hearted sister, angel-in-training, star of His Angelic Keeper, and accidental troublemaker. (No really, I don’t start trouble. I just tend to fly into it while trying to save my brother and nephew).

And I was flying toward trouble again. This time it bore the gray likeness of the one place I spent an entire book escaping—the Gray Between Life and Death. From the heart of cyberspace, where I presume we are, it looked like a gray ribbon rippling through the black.

(Forgot how we got here? Click here to catch up on what happened last week.)

Under us, information streaked by in colored chains of—well I have no idea what the basic blocks of information are other than tiny circles and lines constantly swapping places. I’ll stick to magic, thank you very much. Technology is just too confusing.

Way behind us, a dragon-shaped cloud of glimmering particles exhaled streamers of red and orange as three computer programs duked it out. Good luck newsletter-dragon. Sorry I never got your name. Do you even have a name?

Probably not since the program referred to itself as the ‘Newsletter-Dragon.’ There can’t be that many of her ilk about. At least I hope there aren’t.

Mindful of my supersized dove wings, which looked fragile, I bucked, kicked, and punched to no avail. My captors had a firm grip on me, but I did catch occasional glimpses of the Newsletter-Dragon burning two three-dimensional stars with too many vertices and creepy, blinking doe eyes. You go, girl—er—dragon.

“I could use a little help here,” I shouted, but the Newsletter-Dragon ignored me.

She was having too much fun frying the circuit boards of her attackers. So I struggled some more, but it was too late. We’d just crossed the event horizon, and everything was fading to gray around me. Not this again.

As the Gray Between Life and Death swallowed me, my wings vanished. My halo winked out and my angelic captors let go. I fell into that eternal time-out, and a gray fog devoured everything including the hole in the cloudy sky I fell through. Oh well, I’d just have to find another escape route.

Where are you Newsletter-Dragon?

Back in cyberspace, I guess. Who knew the Gray Between connected to digital realms too?

When my fall ended, I didn’t hit the ground or splashdown on water. Gravity just kind of gave up on me, and I grew lighter as that gray stuff poured down my throat and climbed up my nose.

While coughing and spluttering, I flailed about blindly searching for anything that was outside the fog, my hand encountered a wrinkly snout or three. They probed the fog as I floated backward out of reach.

Are those proboscises? (You know those long flexible trunks elephants have.) What’re those things feeling around for?

Oh, Shades and Blades, they’re looking for me. Why are they looking for me? I just want to save—I can’t remember who or where I was before I was here.

That gray stuff stripped away everything, turning me into an empty husk, but a determined one. I had a mission and someone to save. A fog bank rolled over those proboscises, and they vanished.

“Are you still there?”

I have a vague memory of someone else being with me. We were talking about a book, maybe it was mine. 

“If you can hear me, don’t panic. We’re fading into the gray fog subsuming everything. It doesn’t hurt, so we must survive this, right? Hello?”

I don’t remember why I must speak to you, just that I must. The reason disappeared with my name when the fog took us.

“Are you still there? Call out if you can hear me.”

All right, I guess you’re back where you belong, safe in your favorite reading nook while the fog carries me to the beginning of my tale.

I hope you enjoy His Angelic Keeper. It’s my first stab at the whole main character thing, and I do mean stab. Hang onto your halo, this’ll be a bumpy ride through some odd corners of the afterlife.

—Your hero for this tale, name currently unknown, but my mission is not.

Ahem, this is your Newsletter-Dragon speaking via dictation software since some angels kidnapped my typist. We’ll be back next week to continue our ongoing story, but you don’t have to wait.

That last transmission from Sovvan is an adaptation of the beginning of His Angelic Keeper. You can grab a copy and continue her wild romp to reclaim her name, her past and save her brother and nephew from demons by clicking our brand-spanking new universal book link. Ooo and ah at its convenience:

Don’t forget to rejoin us next week for more mayhem and hopefully some rescuing. Sarn makes that look so easy. Then again, Ran is quite portable and always willing to be saved.

Have a great week!

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