Disintegrating Dragons & Impertinent Angels

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Our kidnapped scribe and cast wish all the mothers out there a happy, though belated, Mother’s Day!

We apologize for our tardiness. Our scribe’s had severe eye pain and other vision problems. But she’s on a new medication, and we’re hopeful that will fix the problem. Her eyes are very important to us!

One last quick update then back to my primary goal—rescuing the characters you love. Oh, and ignore the angel clinging to my back. She’s not important.

“Hey, I heard that,” said my angelic passenger.

“You were meant to. I have a deep booming voice, and there’s plenty of cyberspace for my words to echo through.”

“I have a name, you know. I went through a gray hell to get it back after a bunch of memory-eating pachyderms stole it. So, call me Sovvan. I’ve earned it.”

“Fine, I’ll call you whatever you want. Now, be quiet so I can impart some important news.”

I glared the impertinent dark-haired angel into silence, and she glared back. She wasn’t even cowed, not even a little. Impertinent youngsters. They make my scales itch.

And now for that update before Angel Girl—I mean Sovvan—flits off in a huff. I might need her nimble fingers to rescue my scribe, Melinda, Sarn and his son, Ran. Moving through dimensions can get tricky.

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What’s it about:

They took her memory. She’s taking it back.

One Demon, Two Dragons, Five Angels, & a pack of memory-eating pachyderms try to stop Sovvan from discovering her past. There’s a dangerous secret buried in her lost memories that endangers her twin, Sarn. To save him, she must travel from the formless gray of limbo to the gates of heaven and risk permanent annihilation and the end of the world.

For everything, there’s a price, and the angels are coming to collect.

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And now back to cyberspace. I’m still chasing the creature who really kidnapped your favorite characters. When last you saw us, I was distracted by the pixel flashing far ahead. It was an elegant bit of digital steganography if I ever saw one.

“Very clever. Who’d have thought you could hide a trans-dimensional doorway inside an image file?”

“A what in a what?”

“Never mind.”

I dove for that image file whizzing ahead on the information superhighway. It was a 1×1 tracking pixel and thus, nearly invisible in the chains of 1s and 0s zooming past.

Red lights flashed a warning demanding my credentials when my claw pierced it. So, they’d installed a security protocol. 

“I need suggestions. What username and password would you use to secure a door?”

“Nothing comes to mind except the obvious— ‘letmetin’ and ‘password’ — since I don’t know who created this door. Have you tried those?”

I rolled my eyes. Sovvan might have wings but not a clue about anything digital and yet, there was a certain logic to her suggestion. I ran a quick search of the ‘net and cross-referenced several sources for the most common usernames and passwords. Both of Sovvan’s suggestions were high on those lists, so I tried them.

The floating red warning changed to soothing green featuring my favorite words: access granted. The 1×1 pixel was about the size of the period ending this sentence. But there was a trans-dimensional doorway in there somewhere.

“Watch out!” Sovvan shouted right before something zapped my tail.

Electricity bounced from scale to scale disrupting it while I rolled. My wings were losing cohesion. 1s and 0s flipped back and forth, disrupting my programming. Sovvan leaped off my back, her tiny fists bared.

“I’m sick and tired of monsters getting between me and my brother and my nephew.”

Sovvan flew toward an angular thing with too many vertices. No monster, digital or otherwise, ever appeared faceless. It was some law of the universe or something. So our attacker manifested two of the creepiest doe-eyes I’ve ever seen. They were worse than the ubiquitous winking emoticons peppering the spam I block, and it batted those creep-tastic eyes at me as blue sparks jumped from spike to spike along its back, charging it up for another blast.

Undaunted, Sovvan careened in its general direction. Her wings shed feathers as she pumped them, but they didn’t seem to do much in this airless environment. Her trajectory was still several degrees off, and I couldn’t help her until my body stabilized enough to slow my fall.

While my bits and bytes jitterbugged between quantum states, my body flickered between there and not there. I plummeted through the information superhighway. It was all colored lights representing the electrons streaking past.

They pummeled my body, straining its programming. I clenched my translucent claws and concentrated on my fire. It was my essence—a mathematical description unique to me. No virus could take that away.

As that fire built inside me, its code radiated outward, solidifying me so I could weave between the next two bolts Mr. Creepy Eyes hurled at me. A fourth bolt struck my right wing and destabilized it, sending me into a tailspin.

Sovvan punched the creature, but she wasn’t digital. So her fist passed through it, doing no harm.

“What the—?”

Before she’d finished her question, a star exploded in the black, and gray ripples spread out from it. Two grim-faced angels shot through that light.

“Oh, no, I’m not going back.”

Sovvan tucked her wings in and tumbled, but her attackers were better fliers. They swooped in. Each one grabbed an arm before she could dodge.

“Hey, let go of me! I’m not going back to that gray place.”

Sovvan bucked and struggled against the two angels hauling her away. Their violet eyes dismissed me as they pivoted to face that gray ripple in the distance.

That looks like a doorway to me. Not the one I’d planned to use, but any door will do in a siege.

Behind those angels, my spiky adversary shook and divided. Two sets of creepy emoticon eyes blinked as their topmost spikes charged up for another go at me.

“Oh no, you don’t.”

I unhinged my jaws and let my fire burn.

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