Back in the Black Between Books

Hi Readers,

I’m back. It’s Ran, your lovable narrator, and sidekick. I’m taking back my newsletter because 1) our scribe got so sick she needed two antibiotics, and 2) the newsletter-dragon got so turned around by GDPR, she created two privacy policies.

And, most insulting of all, no one rescued us. Papa and I are still hanging out between worlds, and it’s cold here! Papa’s voluminous cloak can only do so much to warm me since we went from a rainy accident scene to this weird place in between worlds.

“I want to go home,” I said into Papa’s chest.

“I know. If I could figure out a way to take us there, I would.”

But teleportation wasn’t one of Papa’s many skills. Rubbing slow circles on my back was. So he kept doing that, and it soothed me.

“How’re things going J.C.?”

“J.C.?” I shouted in case our other nonfictional cast member had a tough time hearing us between worlds. Papa tended to speak softly.

“I think we’re on our own.”

“I think so too.”

Papa sighed. “Let’s hope our scribe can hang on a little longer.”

“She can do it. She’s more durable than she looks.”

Though, I had my doubts when smoke billowed past the diamond-shaped window that allowed us to peer into another book’s world. It floated in the dark nothingness too far away to reach, and it wasn’t even book-shaped anymore. That bothered me but not Papa.

He was doing that silent intense thing again. Maybe his magic had an idea. Sometimes it did. I just wish it wouldn’t make him so quiet while it had its say. Papa never forgets I’m there, but sometimes even I must pull words out of him with a pair of pliers.



He still rubbed circles on my back, but they were widening and slowing. Papa was planning something.

“I want to get our scribe back so she can pen new adventures, not more privacy policies.”

“I want her back too. I still can’t believe the Newsletter-Dragon made her write two of those.” Papa blinked as a sudden thought occurred to him. “How do we know about that?”

I shrugged. Nothing about the Newsletter-Dragon made sense, and I’d stopped expecting it to.

“Do we really need two policies?” I asked. “Wait a minute, how can Melinda be in two places at once?”

“Scribes can do that. They must maintain a dual presence or the worlds they create fall apart,” J.C. said from a long way off as his voice echoed in the darkness between worlds.

He needed to explain that and a great many other things when we were all back in the same space-time-book-continuum thingamajig.

“Why’s everything graying out?”

Papa was still quite solid and holding me tight as I squirmed for a better view.

“Auntie Sovvan?”

No answer. Maybe she was on an assignment. But she should still answer unless she couldn’t. Fear coiled into a tight cold ball in my belly. Could Auntie Sovvan even get hurt anymore?

“I don’t know. Hang on. I want to try something.”

Papa’s statement startled me as he boosted me up and his magic latched onto me with hot little hands, too many for me to escape even if I’d wanted to, which I didn’t. They tickled me as they hauled me over his muscular shoulder and spun me while I giggled and squirmed. More magic wrapped around me securing me to Papa’s back. I settled into my warm, green-glowing cocoon and wrapped my arms around his neck.

Piggy-back wasn’t my favorite way to travel, but Papa wasn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer. I don’t even think he heard a word I said since making up his mind.

“What are you trying? Oof.”

Of course, Papa didn’t reply. He was a quiet man with a plan, and the adventure was on.  So magic squashed me against his back when Papa started swimming through the black-spangly nothingness toward that window. Its edges fuzzed where it fit imperfectly into this world. Might it also be permeable?

Papa looked determined to find out. I shut my eyes as his fist sailed toward it.

“Wait! Don’t break the seal,” J.C. shouted.

“What seal?” I asked.

But it was too late. Light blinded me, and Papa’s magic screamed as we were sucked into a raging inferno.

We’ll be back next week with more.

Hello again, it’s Ran. I just want to take a moment to update you on our upcoming books because certain characters haven’t done that during my absence. I won’t name names, but you know who they are.

We [the cast] want to be transparent in all things not just our privacy policies. Melinda, our scribe, loves to write, but she’s not very good at communicating what she’s writing or when the books she’s working on will be ready for your eyes. That ‘timing’ piece is hard to judge since she spends 10+ hours working and commuting five days a week.

Unfortunately, fictional characters make poor cooks and house cleaners, and our scribe isn’t much better at those tasks. So we lose a few hours a week to googling how to fix our blunders. (The best ones always make it into our newsletters so you can enjoy our real-life mayhem.)

At least twice a month, we’ll give you a quick update on our upcoming books starting next week. But if you don’t want to wait, you can check to see what’s on deck.

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