A squadron of angels and books descend

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Before we dive back in, I just wanted to give you a quick rundown of what’s been going on. Here’s your status update:

The cast commissioned a new cover for Enchanted. Since Melinda was kidnapped by a book a month ago, we don’t have official sanction from our fearless scribe nor her valuable input. Please join our Facebook group and help us! We’re getting the next round of changes in a few days, and we’re not good judges of covers.

Books in Progress

Curse Breaker: Sundered

Tagline: Magic’s stronger when it’s broken

Because the Adversary broke Papa’s magic in Curse Breaker: Falls. I’m not enjoying running around without its protection especially not with a tentacular menace tearing apart my home. And don’t forget the Adversary and that black lumir crystal eating all magic. Papa has a plan to fix all of that, but can he execute it without magic? We’re about to find out. Wish us luck.

Current word count: 46,000/ 154 pages

So it’s about half the length of Curse Breaker: Falls right now, and we’re just getting warmed up. I’m calling this 50% done.

We’re shooting for an August release, but our scribe likes to publish books on or near her late sister’s birthday. So she and I need to hash that out. Stay tuned.

His Angelic Keeper: Hidden

Book 2 of my auntie’s adventures. I have a cameo in this one!

Auntie Sovvan’s in big trouble. She accidentally created a monster at the end of His Angelic Keeper. She’s too embarrassed to say anything more than that. But there will be dragons. I’ve seen the claw marks on the manuscript.

Current Word count: 10,000/ 34 pages (You know this will grow a lot.)

Release date: November 26, 2018

And that’s a hard date we must meet because her book is part of the Hidden Project. What is Hidden? It’s not a boxed set. It’s one title, but endless possibilities.

From sci-fi to romance, fantasy to cozy mystery & many more, the Hidden Project has something for everyone. Each author takes the same title, and puts their own spin on the story, leading to a wide range of books in a variety of genres.

Auntie Sovvan volunteered for this a year ago because it sounded like a cool idea. So she’d better hurry up and fix things. She’s got a lot of people counting on her.

Shards for His Present

I’m the main character in this one, yes me, Ran, your newsletter narrator. That’s right, you’re stuck in my bubbly teenage head as I run into some time-bending trouble. It all started with a mysterious orb and an old woman. I know. I shouldn’t accept presents from strangers, but it was shiny, and you know how much I love glowing things.

But this orb showed me more than I bargained for. It uncovered things Papa didn’t want me to know. And this time, he doesn’t know I’m in danger.

Current word count: 45,000/ 153 pages

It feels like this book is at the halfway point. I have more mayhem in mind, and this is my book. So, what I say goes. 😉

Publish date: around Christmas/New Years because I said so. My scribe must make that happen.

And speaking of mayhem, let’s get back to our adventure. Previous Episodes.

“What seal?” I asked between coughs as we fell through a pillar of smoke.

Papa’s magic has many skills, but air filtration isn’t one of them. So he landed badly and pitched forward nearly falling off the catwalk before he caught himself.

If J.C. heard my question, he didn’t answer. Maybe my voice didn’t carry between worlds. After all, I’m fictional, and He isn’t.

Magic surrounded us in a sphere of green light and batted away the eager flames reaching for us. Thankfully magic saturated our clothes, and earth magic hates fire, so it snuffed out every flame it touched keeping me quite toasty.

“Where’s our scribe?” I asked, but a hail of fiery debris slammed into Papa’s shields drowning out any answer he gave.

He rocked forward from the impact and struck the railing. Magic protected him from the fire licking the rails, but the balustrade had taken too much abuse, and Papa’s no lightweight. The railing splintered, and we tumbled into that smoky abyss.

I squinted into its heart. Our scribe is a small, shy woman, but her jacket had a bright stripe on its back. Unless when she fell into this book world it changed her clothes, she should be visible even in this smoke. But I couldn’t see her.

We jerked to a halt. Papa had caught hold of something—a wall I think. His magic raced over it, lighting up dozens of diamond-shaped protrusions perfectly sized for hands and feet. They beckoned me to climb, but Papa’s magic refused to let go.  It was too busy screaming at Papa to climb up and away from those white-hot flames. There was something unnatural about them.

I clapped my hands over my ears. I didn’t need to hold on since Papa’s magic was doing an excellent job of squashing me against his back. I couldn’t move unless my glowing restraint allowed it, and it was in full protection mode. Too bad it couldn’t clear out the smoke. I held part of Papa’s hood over my nose and mouth to block some of the smoke. It helped, but I was still getting woozy.

“Hang on. I think I see her.”

“What’s that?”

I tapped him on the shoulder, and Papa looked where I pointed. A boxy shape resolved out of the smoke.

“It can’t be.”

But it was. A squadron of books flew toward us on dove wings. Their titles strobed like searching eyes right before those books went into a steep dive angling for a person-sized shadow doubled over in the corner.

“They’re after our scribe!”

While they abduct our scribe, you can abduct them. Turnabout’s fair play, right?


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