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“Ah, Papa, you’re supposed to give me a drumroll now. Papa?” Ran swiveled around in the office chair, or the literary throne as he liked to call it. Sitting there made him feel important each week as he crafted messages to his adoring fans. 😉

“Papa, I asked for a drumroll. Could you put the book down long enough to give me one?”

“Oh, yeah, in a minute.” Papa turned another page. “What does that say? I see my name on the page, but what are those words around it?” he asked his brother, my Uncle Miren, who was sharing the book with him. Uncle Miren was the literate one in our little family. They were supposed to be helping Melinda with the paperback version, not reading it.

A drumming started up though as the rocks and crystals on Melinda’s windows sill jumped around. Papa’s magic had heard my request and it had no interest in the book they were reading. Ran swiveled back around to face the pc and continue this week’s newsletter.



As I was saying before someone I love very much missed his cue—our scribe did it! Melinda finished editing Curse Breaker: Sundered on Tuesday night, and I hit that publish button one second after Melinda uploaded the final draft.

Unfortunately, it took a few days for our distributors to send our books to the ebook stores, and a few stores took their sweet time to put it on their digital shelves. I thought I’d have to brave the Newsletter-Dragon’s wrath and beg her to do a flyover and maybe breathe some digital fire to get those digital stores moving, but it all worked out in the end.

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And, as promised, I published Curse Breaker: Darkens, Curse Breaker: Faceted Curse Breaker: Falls to all the ebook stores. They’re joining Curse Breaker: Enchanted, His Angelic Keeper and Curse Breaker: Books 1-4, on iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, and other bookstores.

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So grab your copy now, and be careful what you promise. Oaths can kill.

Papa and I are imperiled by his promises as the mountain falls down around our heads. Without magic, we have no protection against them unless Papa can get his gift back. Get Sundered now.

(Not sure Sundered is for you? Check out Chapter 1Part 1 of Chapter 2, Part 2 of Chapter 2, Part 3 of Chapter 2 & Part 1 of Chapter 3.) And without further ado we bring you your first look at:



(Preceded by: Curse Breaker: Books 1-4 & His Angelic Keeper)

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Chapter 3: Rocks and Ripples Redux Part 2

“The magic-eater is back,” Ran said into Sarn’s collar.

“Yes, it is. That’s not a good sign.”

As Sarn rushed around a bend, Ran shifted so neither his little body nor the bear he hugged blocked their only light source. The crystal pendant glowed white, soothing his son, and it reminded Sarn of what he’d lost. Without his eyes drenching everything in green light, this tunnel had a pronounced magenta tint, and it was a whole lot darker than he was used to. In fact, everything was, making him feel like he was stumbling through a half-remembered dreamscape.

The more Sarn thought about it, the more it seemed part of his map might still be there because something was nudging him along. Ahead, a tentacle wrapped around a stalactite and tugged. Its wide base cracked, but the stalactite didn’t fall. Sarn stuck close to the opposite wall and gave it a wide berth just in case.

He checked the way ahead. It was clear for the next hundred paces, so he closed his eyes and flipped that familiar mental switch to engage his head map. He tripped over something but kept his eyes closed fearing the worst. What if it’s not there? What if I’m truly walking blind now?

But he wasn’t. Something tugged his foot a little too the left to avoid an obstacle he couldn’t see. And this direction felt right like he was on course. He almost hadn’t noticed because the feeling was so normal.

“How’re you s’posed to see monsters with your eyes closed?” Ran asked.

“That’s why I have you. You’re my spotter. If you see any, shout.”

“That’s not funny.”

“I know. I’m just tired and worried we’ll get lost down here without my map.”

“It’s gone?”

Sarn nodded and opened his eyes. White lines traced familiar routes over his field of view. No icons appeared just a handful of symbols marking places like his cave, the staircases he often used, the pools where he’d taught his son to swim, the Foundlings’ cave, and so on. Everything his magic had ever mapped appeared in all its detailed glory, but it was static now without his magic feeding it a constant stream of information.

“It’s back, isn’t it? You have that look.”

“What look?”

Ran just smiled. Sarn let that subject go as he zoomed in on an area of his map that looked like a match for their current location. He’d kept careful track of the turns they’d taken and approximated the distance. Unfortunately, he couldn’t know for certain if his guess was correct since his map didn’t update to display his whereabouts or—oh Fates, no.


“What about Uncle Miren? Is he here?” Ran looked around until a loud bang startled him.

“I keep forgetting about him. He must have descended to the Lower Quarters by now. And I have no way to find him without magic.”

Sarn stepped over a pile of refuse, and an overripe apple rolled out. He felt like that apple without his magic—soft and easily harmed. At least I still have my map and a rough idea of where we are. It was a start and something he could build on, but not right now.

“Can we find Uncle Miren later?” Ran asked in a small voice almost drowned out by the padding of many feet.

Those echoes grew louder with every breath. Sarn squeezed his eyes tight shut until he remembered they no longer glowed, just his pendant. Sarn opened his eyes. His map was still there, sitting right below the level of thought where it’d always lived. But it didn’t have any information about the crowd nor did it prove anything conclusively, so the question lingered in the back of his mind—am I human?

Echoes of screams drowned out his paranoia. He could sort out his humanity later. In his arms, Ran cringed.

“I know you don’t like darkness. I don’t like it either, but I need you to cover the light.”

“So they don’t take it away?”

Ran touched the crystal, but he couldn’t bring himself to cover it.

“Yeah. Light’s a commodity down here—one worth fighting for. Let’s not tempt them, okay? Scared people don’t act rationally.”


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