Some Talks Are Dangerous

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(In case you missed it here’s: Chapter 1Part 1 of Chapter 2, Part 2 of Chapter 2Part 3 of Chapter 2, Chapter 3 Part 1, Chapter 3 Part 2) And without further ado we bring you the scene you’ve been waiting for:


(Preceded by: Curse Breaker: Books 1-4 & His Angelic Keeper)

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Chapter 4: Dangerous Talks


[Inside the Enchanted Forest]

 No, you’re going the wrong way! Snake Woman dug her claws into the rock hiding her. For some reason, it muted the black lumir crystal’s influence. Maybe because they were both essentially rocks? It didn’t matter because she must keep up with those orange-robed fools.

Where are you going? How can I get you to go in the opposite direction? Snake Woman scanned the understory for another boulder. Shayari had tons of them, so she spotted a likely candidate and dove behind it. Gray tendrils wrapped around the tree standing beside her hiding spot, and its enchantments withered away. She hunkered down as that same shadow scraped at the non-magical rock and skittered away, searching for more magic.

Oh, no you don’t. I’m not some tasty snack. She dragged a blanket over her. Overlapping metal discs polished to a high sheen were sewn into the fabric. All magics were light-based and reflective. Hopefully, so was black lumir.

Just breathe, suffocation isn’t part of the plan, Snake Woman told herself as magic’s antithesis rolled over the mirrored-blanket. It should reflect those magic-nullifying rays. If it didn’t, she’d be in serious trouble because she was made of magic. It was the glue holding her conglomerate body together.

What if that black crystal severs all those bonds in one fell swoop? Can I survive that? Snake Woman fought down the panic squeezing her chest.

Voices heartened her. Were those lunatics taking a break? Box that devils’ rock up so I can see what you’re doing.

“You know, there’s an easier way than this unless you enjoy crawling around on your belly.”

“Who are you?”

But she already knew before the question had popped out of her mouth—the Adversary. Who else would be following the devil’s rocks but the devil or one of his prized henchmen? Her fangs clicked into place, and she gathered her legs under her, ready to spring. She was no one’s goon.

“But you’re still locked out.”

He shrugged. “So? I can still whisper, and that’s all I’m doing now, whispering. There’s no harm in listening.”

Snake Woman pushed back the blanket. Indeed, the shadows draining the magic from the ground and everything around them bent away from the hooded man in billowing black robes. Or was that an illusion? After all, he was the Father of Lies.

“What plans?”

“Never mind. Yonder Seeker is supposed to take her rock and go away from Mount Eredren, not toward it. There’s enough black lumir loose under there. I don’t need anymore.”

“If I chose to listen, what would you whisper? Would you ask me to lure her away?”

As if I could, I don’t have anything she wants. But that cleric had something Snake Woman wanted. Do I want it badly enough to make common cause with the devil?

Every fiber of her being screamed at Snake Woman to run away, but she remained crouched with the reflective blanket draped over her back. Going against Vanya had been ill-advised. Going against the Adversary was suicidal. And she valued her hide. But she’d never passed up an opportunity to get what she wanted.

Snake Woman shifted the blanket. She unfastened a row of hooks to reveal a hole in its middle just large enough to poke her head through, so she could wear the whole mirrored-affair poncho-style, giving her greater range of movement. It left her head exposed, but she needed to see to stay on course and plan.

“For everything, there’s a price. What would you give for the advice I offer?”

And there it was. The one thing even a demon-made construct like her feared—the devil’s bargain. Do I dare deal with the Adversary? Do I even have a choice?

“How about this,” he said, seeing her apprehension. “I’ll trade you. One piece of information for one favor I can call in later. I promise you’ll like the favor. It’s something you already want to do.”

Snake Woman cocked her head to one side in thought. Her knees were cramping from all the crawling and creeping she’d been doing since she’d recompiled herself.

“I don’t need your help. What I want most is within my grasp.”

In fact, it was getting away, but that was a minor detail. A child could follow the path of destruction those Seekers left in their wake. But getting that crystal from them would be harder than she’d thought. It liked to eat magic, and she was made of magic.

But I just need it for less than a minute if I can steer those psychos to the right cave. Surely her mirror-inlaid poncho would protect her for the minute it would take to dash out of range. What if I’m wrong?

Snake Woman shook her head. I’ll take that chance rather than encumber myself with another obligation.

“Are you certain?”

“Yes, find another ear to whisper in. I need to do this myself.”

She needed to prove she was an independent entity, and no longer the creature the demon Vail had created. Her claws dug into her palms leaving dents but no wounds because she was not flesh and blood. She shook out her fists and flexed her fingers.

Maybe he understood. Maybe he too was a contrivance pretending to a humanity he’d never owned. Or maybe the black lumir crystal’s presence was addling her mind.

The Adversary gave her a one-shouldered shrug. “Have it your way. If you change your mind, call me.”

He vanished, and an object dropped to the ground. The white game piece compelled her to pick it up. She ran her thumb over the groove delineating the horse’s head from its neck. It was the knight piece, but she felt more like a pawn now. Damn him for that.

“What game are you playing?” she asked the space the Adversary had occupied, but he didn’t answer.

The chess piece warmed as the black lumir crystal’s influence rolled over her, muting its draining effect. Strength flowed into her, energizing her tired muscles. For the first time since she’d met up with these fanatics, Snake Woman felt like herself. But at what cost? Did I just accept his bargain by accepting his gift?



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