Help Us Distract the Dragon!

Hi Readers,

This week, we need your help to distract the newsletter-Dragon. But more on that in a moment.

Remember that StoryBundle we announced last week? It’s still going on, but those bundles are going fast. You can still grab 11 books for $20 if you hurry over to Tell them our Scribe, Melinda, sent you. 😉

The Clean Fantasy Bundle includes:

  • Prophecy and Secrets of Fatharta bring you tales of epic fantasy adventures.
  • Curse Breaker: Enchanted (The More Epic Version, Revised) and Dragon Eggs: The Complete Series show main characters struggling to parent a small child alongside complications that arise from their magical reality.
  • A Fairy Tale and The Lord of Dreams show the dangers (and great fun!) of adventuring into the realm of the fae.
  • Schooled in Magic holds a unique magic school with a protagonist from our world.
  • Horrid / Harbor weaves a delightful original fairy tale.
  • The Virgo Curse and Aquarius is a young adult paranormal romance with no vampires in sight (gasp!), only a magic system with terrible consequences.
  • ***Decision Points is a young adult anthology featuring short stories by Kevin J. Anderson, Lois McMaster Bujold, Orson Scott Card, and many other excellent authors.

Dive into these adventures now at!

This is Ran, Sarn’s super excited son. Why am I so excited? Because my Auntie’s book is nearing completion, and she’d better be free after that to help Papa and I in Curse Breaker: Hidden. We could seriously use the help.

Papa was hurt pretty badly at the end of Curse Breaker: Sundered. So he’s not doing well, and worse still, he only has access to the white magic right now, and neither of us know how to use it. Yeah, not a good situation, especially since this scary, evil entity is searching for us and a monster is knocking down all the walls between us and it.

I’m a little scared right. Send my Aunt. We need help. I think Papa has a concussion.

Auntie Sovvan promised to wrap things up in her second book so she could be on call for Papa and I in ours without breaking any rules or disturbing the common storyline we all share.

(Papa and I have cameos in her second book, though I think Papa has more than I do because Auntie Sovvan is his twin sister, and they have some kind of special connection or something.)

The advanced preview is coming your way. I just need to steal it back from that damned dragon. She got her claws into it this morning and won’t give it back. #DragonProblems

So that’s why we don’t have the preview today. The dragon ate it. I hope it gave her heartburn.

Don’t worry. I’ll get her away from the program that creates the previews, so she can’t eat our second attempt. I just need you to distract her.

How will you do that? Easy. You’re doing it now by reading this newsletter.

When that dragon described her epic battle to get this newsletter into your inbox a few weeks ago, she left out one important detail. But I found out what her secret is.

Want to know what it is?

There’s a little bit of her code in your newsletter that lets her track whether you open this email or click on any of the links. When you do either, she goes into full-on data mapping mode and makes all kinds of charts and graphs about open and click rates that she never shows us, the characters who star in this newsletter each week.

That data hog.

Anyway, while she’s busy doing that, she’s not paying attention to anything else.

So please keep her busy for a while. Click on things. Leave a few words of encouragement for our Scribe in a review on one of our books. Yes, the dragon reads those too. Talk about us on social media.

Do whatever you can to distract that dragon!

(I may use the time you buy me to put a certain plan into action to get her back for recent events. I can’t disclose that in here until the plan is in motion. So you’ll have to stay tuned for that. Timing is critical when you’re trying to pull one over on a digital creature who can breathe fire.)

See you next week!

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The Clean Fantasy Bundle, Sept 23-Oct. 8:

Don’t let the Adventure end!


Trouble’s definitely afoot when a dragon shows up. But her plans are more dangerous than Ran and his father could ever imagine. Defeating her won’t be easy, not after that dragon undergoes a terrifying transformation. Sarn’s power might not be enough. Can Ran find a solution in time? Find out in Dragon Spells.

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