The Masked Refrigerator Avenger Is Unmasked

Hi Readers,

Welcome back to our light fantasy adventure, starring yours truly. I’m Ran the son of the star of the Curse Breaker books, and I’m currently locked in probably one of the best hugs of all time. Papa always gives great hugs, and that has nothing to do with his magic. Though, his magic likes to snuggle with me too.

But I digress. That hug, while being the best ever, was preventing me from saving the books our Scribe was working on from the clutches of the Newsletter-Dragon. So as much as I wanted to stay all snuggled up and safe in Papa’s strong arms, I had to get free. I just wasn’t sure how to do that.

I’m little and cute and normally, my cuteness saves me from danger. But Papa couldn’t see the puppy dog looks I gave him because he had closed his eyes. He was also super tall, so even if his eyes had been open, I’m not sure if he could have seen anything more than the top of my head from his supine position.

None of the tales about knights or dragons or the guardians of the realm had ever dealt with this particular situation, so I was at a loss for what to do other that what I was doing, wriggling like my life depended on it because it just might. I am a fictional kid in a fantasy world. Without the books our Scribe writes, I would not exist, and neither would Papa.

That finally galvanized me, and I struggled like a muggle in a straight jacket. But I just succeeded in tickling Papa. He tried not to laugh, but he’s very ticklish, so he lost that fight.

“We have to go now, Papa. It’s important.” I stopped wriggling. I didn’t want to explain why it was important that we go save our future books because Papa wouldn’t be happy to hear there were more.

Papa was a private person. Unfortunately, Uncle Miren and I weren’t. We liked the attention, and just knowing people were reading our stories made us feel all warm and fuzzy during even the most dangerous adventure (Curse Breaker: Hidden, which is coming in 2021).

Papa gave me one last squeeze, then let go of me. I slid off his chest and glanced back at him. He didn’t look convinced that this situation required his immediate intervention. Maybe it didn’t. Papa knew there was one book about him, but Uncle Miren and I were trying to keep him from finding out exactly how many books he’d appeared in already and how many were still to come.

Maybe he should stay here. If Papa found out about those other books, he might ground me for the rest of my life. By the way Uncle Miren complained about it, this grounding business seemed like something I should avoid. I had never been grounded before, but I also didn’t go anywhere without my uncle or Papa.

But could my non-magical uncle handle a dragon? He’d have to because there wasn’t anyone else we could call on. I padded over to my teenage uncle and hoped he had a plan because I was fresh out of ideas. He gave me a suspicious look, which was totally unwarranted.

But I ignored it as I grabbed his hand and headed for the portal. “Uncle Miren will handle the dragon. You get some rest, Papa. You look tired.”

“I thought you needed me. What changed your mind?” Papa sat up and studied us. Uh-oh. We’d aroused his curiosity. Not good.

Unfortunately, everything had changed since I’d figured out that dragon’s plan, but I couldn’t tell him that. He’d be upset there were more books about him. But I had to say something. Papa wouldn’t accept my silence on the matter, not now after I’d stupidly begged him for help.

I glanced at my uncle and implored him to say something, anything except the truth. Page time might not seem important, but to a fictional character, it’s a life or death matter.

Uncle Miren gave me a scathing look, but he finally caved. No one can withstand my puppy dog stare. It’s one of the perks of being little. My cuteness can melt even the toughest hearts, and not not even my uncle was immune to it.

“Nothing changed. The kid just realized the problem may not be as large as be first thought it was.” Uncle Miren rolled his eyes at having to explain himself. But he was smart enough to make sure Papa couldn’t see that.

Unfortunately, we’d taken too long to answer. The mattress rustled as Papa rose, mask in hand. He reached us in three strides and grabbed my hand. “Show me the problem.”

Uh-oh. I was in trouble now, but so was that dragon. So maybe we were even?


We’ll be back next week with more. If you missed a part of this light adventure, check out parts: 1, 2, and 3.

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