Testing cover ideas

Playing around with some cover concepts. I want the next story arc to look more epic since there will be more action, adventure, monsters, and tons of magic in the next story arc. And I wanted the covers to go back in the direction the cover of Curse Breaker Enchanted took.

I really love that cover. I like the ones that came after it too, but I feel like the latest cover (for Curse Breaker Trapped) has gone too far in the middle grade direction, and that’s NOT where the series is going at all.

Yes, a portion of every book will continue to be from Ran’s pov. He would revolt if that changed, and I love writing about him. But he’s not the main character, Sarn is, and the books will always focus on him. He’s the curse breaker, and that’ll be a huge problem for him in Curse Breaker Unleashed.

Here’s a draft of what I’m thinking about for Curse Breaker Trapped:

List of upcoming books for the Curse Breaker series just to put this into perspective:

  • Curse Breaker Trapped* (read AFTER Curse Breaker Hidden and His Angelic Keeper Fallen)
  • Curse Breaker Jousts*
  • Curse Breaker Unleashed*

(These titles are character-approved and final. They’re still arguing about the titles for the books following Curse Breaker Unleashed.)