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We hope you had a happy holiday however you spent it. We’re back with a special look at His Angelic Keeper Tempted and some important news about our books.

First off, let’s dive into some book news.

Something happened recently, and it forced us to take a hard look at our books and their future. And we have made the difficult decision to take our books wide.

What does that mean?

We’re coming to iBooks, B&N/Nook, Kobo, Overdrive/Libraries, etc in January. We’ll still be in Amazon, but we won’t be in Kindle Unlimited anymore.

We thought long and hard about this, and we feel the best way to keep the promise our Scribe made to her late sister is to have our books available in more stores than Amazon. After all, not everyone shops there, and we’re a friendly bunch of characters. We love meeting new readers.

The His Angelic Keeper series is currently publishing in other stores, and the Curse Breaker series will follow it.

But it’s not just our ebooks that will be available in other stores. Our paperbacks will be too, and hopefully some libraries.

That would mean the world to our Scribe. She grew up reading books from the library. Melinda got a part-time job when she was sixteen, so she could buy books that weren’t available in her town’s small library, and she works for book money decades later.

And speaking of paperbacks, we finally received a copy of His Angelic Keeper Tempted in print, and it looks awesome!

In other news, Curse Breaker Fallout is nearing completion and will start winding its way through editing and cover design. We’ll have more on that next week and possibly even a publishing date.

Now’s it’s time to give you a look at His Angelic Keeper Tempted which comes out on Friday!

What’s it about?

Sovvan thought she’d left the Adversary behind when the angels dragged her away, but she was wrong.

He’s inside her mind now, twisting her thoughts and making her doubt everything, even her own family. She can’t help them while the devil’s in her head. Can they survive without her?

The battle continues, but this time, it’s for her mind and body. And it’s the worst time for it.

The seals are breaking.

And the devil strengthens with each one gone, making him even harder to defeat until there’s only one left.

When it falls, Armageddon begins.

Find out what happens in the stunning conclusion to the eleven-book crossover event that will change everything forever.

(The events in this book take place simultaneously with Curse Breaker Hidden and Curse Breaker Fallout. We had to add an extra book to our lineup because His Angelic Keeper Tempted changed things for all of us, characters.)

I almost forgot to mention that His Angelic Keeper and Curse Breaker Enchanted are free today.

His Angelic Keeper Tempted

by Melinda Kucsera

“So, what are your names? I’m tired of mentally referring to you as the tall one and the wiry one.” Sovvan glanced at her two captors as they slowed, but neither one responded. She couldn’t see anything about them except the glow of their halos, and it was really annoying.

They’d been quiet since the Angel of Mount Eredren had left. Okay, we’re doing the ignore Sovvan thing again. Why can’t just one angel answer my questions? Sovvan considered escaping, but the ground was a long way down. That hadn’t changed. “At least tell me what you’re looking for. Maybe I can help.” And if she did, maybe they’d realize they were on the same side. But that might be asking too much of these angels, though.

“We’re looking for our mortals. We need to make sure they’re okay before we continue on our way,” said the wiry angel with more body glow, and the other angel glared at him. “What’s the harm in telling her? She already knows we’re guardian angels.”

Tall-and-glowing glared at her. How could he find his mortal when he kept staring at her? Okay, she’d get nothing from him. Maybe his friend would answer her.

“What do your mortals look like?” Sovvan waited, but neither angel said anything. “I can’t help you if you don’t tell me.”

That should be obvious, but maybe they thought she could divine the information herself. Sovvan fought the urge to roll her eyes. “I don’t want to go where you’re taking me, but I don’t want your mortals to fall into the Adversary’s hands either. We’re on the same side, so help me out here. Tell me what I’m looking for, and I’ll help you.”

They could still take her to the archangels afterward, but she’d fight that. I hope you’re okay. Sovvan sent that wish to both her brothers and her nephew. They were all in peril under the mountain below them.

“We don’t need your help. Our mortals are down there.” Tall-and-glowing pointed at two silhouettes hiking down the mountain.

At least they were heading away from the Adversary. That was good, but her captors’ inattention was even better. The wiry angel hadn’t noticed his grip had loosened on her arm. Sovvan yanked her arm free and punched tall-and-glowing in the gut. He doubled over and released her.

“Bye-bye. It was nice to meet you, but I’ve got people to save. You are guardian angels, so you understand.” They should unless they were the hide-bound type of angel that didn’t get involved. Regardless, she was free and falling for the umpteenth time toward the sloping ground below, and it didn’t look any softer than any of her previous landings. This might hurt a bit.

The shadow on the side of the mountain split into two distinct figures, and one was child-sized. Oh dear, they were right beneath her. “Look out below.”

But when neither person looked up at her call. Sovvan cursed. Why couldn’t they hear her? Maybe it was the distance. She was still quite far above them, or maybe she’d become a ghost again. That would be helpful because her ghost form was even more indestructible than her hybrid angel body.

Despite all her attempts to alter her trajectory, those two hikers remained under her. Hopefully, they’d notice a growing shadow on the ground before she landed on them. Finally, the woman looked up and stared at Sovvan. She was maybe thirty with long black hair pulled back into a braid. Next to her, a boy stared up at Sovvan. He was taller and probably older than her nephew, but she wasn’t good at guessing the ages of children.

The duo stepped away from her shadow finally, and Sovvan breathed a sigh of relief. She wouldn’t flatten them when she landed. Since the two could see her, she wasn’t a ghost, so this landing might hurt.

“Who is she and why is she falling?” The boy waved at Sovvan.


Find out what happens in His Angelic Keeper Tempted.

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