Rough week, a thank you, and some good reads

Hi Readers,

It’s Ran, your usual narrator. I just wanted to thank you for your support this past week. It’s meant the world to our poor scribe (Melinda). So thank you for buying copies of our books, joining our fledgling community on Patreon, and reading our stories.

When you do these things, you not only help us fictional characters become more real (because we only exist when you read us, no pressure,) but you also give our Scribe strength to go on, and she needed it this week. What happened?

Well, since she’s won’t tell you because she’s shy and quiet, it’s up to me, your friendly narrator, to spill the beans. 😉

We may have mentioned in the past that our Scribe (Melinda) is a project manager in IT for a large publishing company. This company does not publish our books, and it’s not in any way affiliated with any of our books or our brand. This publishing venture is a one-woman (and many fictional characters) production. As you would expect, there’s a lot of mayhem involved in that, but we’re not here to talk about that today.

Back to my story. Well, Melinda’s story, actually. Starting last week, the Scribe took on a project for her boss before he headed off on vacation. Nothing exciting there. But the project fell apart, leaving the Scribe in a very stressful and unhappy state.

Melinda doesn’t get mad often, but she was pretty mad during this time, and with good reason. A lot of things that should have been figured out, like how to get the data out of one site and into another, had not been figured out. And that’s really important, according to Melinda.

But that wasn’t the only big question that had no answer. There was also functionality that didn’t work or hadn’t been thought through. In both cases, that functionality needed a rewrite and to be retested, thus pushing out the due date past the one agreed on at the project’s start.

Okay, that’s enough detail because I don’t want to bore you. Melinda’s job isn’t very interesting. At least it’s not to a fictional character who lives in an epic fantasy world like me, and I base all my opinions on that.

I don’t want to get too deep into the weeds either. I just wanted to open a little window into her world and tell what she does when she’s not writing, which is more of the time than I would like. The job that stressed her out this past week and a half is the job that pays the bills.

But I’m trying to change that. Thank you for helping us creep a little bit closer to that goal this past week. We, characters, really appreciate it. You made Melinda feel less trapped, and she badly needed that this week. Thank you. ❤

Now, let’s talk about books!

This week, while the Scribe was all stressed out and stuff, I found a neat site that’s all about books called GoodReads. You probably know all about it. But it has something called a Reading Challenge, and it doesn’t say that fictional characters can’t participate. So I’m thinking of signing us up to do this Reading Challenge thing.

Uncle Miren reads books to me all the time, and they should count, right? And this got me wondering.

Are you doing a reading challenge on GoodReads? Did you read any of our books for it?

Curious characters want to know. 🙂

But I digress. I wanted to talk a little about Curse Breaker Trapped. The Scribe has posted early chapters on our Patreon, and we’re brainstorming a secret project that will only be on there until it’s completed.

Speaking of completed books, no Curse Breaker Trapped isn’t done yet, but it’s getting close. I might run out of things to squeeze in there soon, and that will relieve our poor, over-worked Scribe.

I think Curse Breaker Trapped will come out sometime in May. We don’t have an official release date yet, but we should have one soon. All indicators point to May, so that’s what I’m giving as my estimate.

Other characters may have their own estimates, but we’ll see who one wins. There may or not may or may not be a small betting pool on it. After all, we, characters, need something to do while the Scribe is at work, and speculating about release dates is just one of the many ways that we pass the time.

I hope you have a great week and check out what we’re doing on Patreon. And if you’re doing a Reading Challenge, add our books to it! We’re always ready for a challenge.

Have a great week!

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