May Angels Lead You In

May Angels Lead You In Stars and angels sing a brand new year their songs bring– light and love, they sing. ~ ~ ~ May Angels lead you in… ~ ~ ~ They sing love and light, to create a new year bright with hope in your sights. ~ ~ ~ May Angels lead you in… ~ ~~ May your hope burn bright, your heart sing of starlit nights and love on the wing. ~ ~ ~ May Angels lead you in… ~ ~~ and should life be done may angels bear you hence to the Holy One. ~ ~ ~ May Angels lead you … Continue reading May Angels Lead You In

December’s Rise

December’s Rise November gives thanks to all who precede. After the feast, it gracefully exits. Autumn’s color fallen away indeed. A landscape blanketed in leaves permits December’s rise. It sweeps onto the stage alight with seasons greetings, warm regards, and Advent wreaths. ‘Fore the year turns the page, dream of a white Christmas and write your cards; send them with best wishes, then deck your tree. ‘Round your house string lights to guide Santa’s sleigh. Recall those who’ve naught on your shopping spree. Save something to donate; so on that sleigh, by gifts wrapped in sparkle and shine, a gift of your mercy waits, to be given with love. ~ … Continue reading December’s Rise

Beautiful – Writing 101 #13

Beautiful You’re beautiful; yes you reading these words. No matter your race or creed or color, or whether you bend your gender, these words are meant for you. For I see your splendor, reaching out bright hands towards the whole world. It stuns me that so much beauty contains all that you are without overflowing. Young, old or in between, these words pertain to you and me and all the world flowing by can’t deny the beauty of your soul. Not when its shining like a second sun. To you I extend my hand, through the whole world let me walk with … Continue reading Beautiful – Writing 101 #13

In Your Desert – A Pic and a word Challenge Sonnet

In Your Desert Better is one day with you, than without you, even if that day is spent burning in the desert’s heat and going without bread or water because abandoning you isn’t an option. Forty days you’ll spend here and so will I. I’ll keep the vigil by your side, my King and my God, and mend my ways in these Lenten days, but I still need your guidance Lord, even far from courts of man, but I understand, I’ll sit here while you pray, but  let me be your escort when you leave the desert, let me go there, to your courts, … Continue reading In Your Desert – A Pic and a word Challenge Sonnet

Defining Success

Defining Success Put the pieces of your soul together. Arrange them until they form a picture. Use that picture, do not let dust gather. Set your reference frame to that picture Frame out your future, then live in that frame. Express the picture of your soul in all you do and say. Our words shore up the frame. Speak your soul’s picture and success will call, so long as you strive to stay within bounds set by that image. Work hard for yourself, In your heart, never let despair resound. Contained in your soul is your perfect self, when  your soul and yourself, united stand, be certain, success … Continue reading Defining Success