Thank you for all the likes, follows, views and reads

Dear Reader, I hope you enjoyed your Sunday. Perfect weather we had in my corner of the world today and I hope in yours too. Today’s post is not a story post, and I apologize that I can’t provide your daily dose of fantasy fiction. I ran into some technical issues with the audio book recordings. A quick G-chat with my cousin helped me to see the error of my setup. An error I’m working to correct. Tonight I hope to do another take. (Who needs sleep?)  Cross your fingers that my neighbors will turn in early, and quietly, and … Continue reading Thank you for all the likes, follows, views and reads

Breaking Curses

Sarn has a problem. His eyes glow green all the time due to a magic that’s slowly chewing away at his sanity. Sarn indentured himself to pay for his younger brother’s education and was assigned to the Rangers at sixteen. In the four years since then, he has built a tenuous and often strained relationship with his fellow Rangers. It doesn’t help that odd things happen around him all the time. Odd things that begin to add up into a terrifying whole… Continue reading Breaking Curses

The Challenge

Ok, I’m finally starting a blog. You can stop mentioning it now. Really. I got the point. I am taking the mental challenge (thanks Coleen Phoenixxx). Why am I blogging? Because people keep telling me to. They believe I have something that needs to be said. I finally got tired of telling them that everything I’d write about has already been written. So here I am blogging. I’m saying all the things that need to be said and I’m challenging myself to say those things right here every day. Right now this blog is not about anything in particular. That might … Continue reading The Challenge