A Squadron of Flying Books, Oh My

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We’re still experimenting with your suggestions. Unfortunately, 3D renders take about 21 hours on our PC. So we don’t have any covers to show you yet. Progress is slow, but we’ll get there.

We love this series and hope someday it earns enough to pay people who know how to create covers so they can do that, and we can just have adventures. Until then, we’ll just do the best we can and hope for the best. You can’t fly if you don’t fall first. Even though we fall a lot, we’ll keep getting back up and trying again because we made a promise. And we keep our promises even when keeping them hurts. That’s also what our fifth book is about—promises.

Book Update

Sundered is coming along though not as quickly as I’d like. We’re running all over doing cool stuff and tripping over each other. Our scribe is imposing some order on our shenanigans, but not fast enough to suit me.

I’m cutting her some slack since she had a rough week. It left her stressed, exhausted and sick. But the cast is on the case. We have broth, lots of broth. Yes, our scribe must work to pay the bills until our books do, but we’re trying to find a way for her to do that and make more progress. We have plans, and we’re grateful you’re keeping us accountable. Thank you. 🙂

We’re still hoping for an August release. Please don’t tell our scribe that. She might freak out.



Last week, we saved our scribe, but no one saved us. A squadron of books flew toward us as the screen dimmed, closing last week’s adventure. So that’s where we’ll start.

If you missed an episode, all our back issues are conveniently listed in reverse chronological order here. If you’re looking for our books, they’re all here.

Today’s adventure


Papa pointed. “Someone’s definitely riding that book.”

I squinted at it. Five books flew in a v-formation. There was something familiar about them aside from the green color which matched the glow of Papa’s eyes. Too bad, Uncle Miren wasn’t here to translate their titles. Two figures stood out on the cover. They kind of looked like Papa and me. Before I could study them further, the rider waved.

He was familiar too. A cross kept flickering into view behind him, and I knew who it must be.

“J.C.! I bet those are our books.” I patted Papa’s shoulder. “Look, look at them!”

“You’re correct, my child.” J.C. waved. “It looks like you need a lift.”

He gestured to the book he was riding and its four friends. One had an image on its cover that looked like my aunt. Their giant gray wings created a clear spot in the smoke.

That was all I saw before Papa jumped. He landed on the spine, and his magic ensured I went with him. Papa skidded, but J.C. caught his hand before we went over the side. Auntie Sovvan jumped too but landed on a different book, so she didn’t crowd us.

“What happened to that portal?” I asked while I squirmed through Papa’s magic.

It was determined to keep me where I was—squashed against his back, but I kept wriggling. His magic resisted, but I’d had enough of the whole piggy-back thing. It must have sensed that because it finally relented, and I landed in Papa’s lap in time to catch J.C.’s explanation.

“It didn’t work. There was too much interference. I couldn’t cut through it, so I called for a ride, and they answered my call.” J.C. gestured to the books we sat astride. “I see you found your scribe. Good, good, we need to return her to her rightful reality before your world unravels any further.”

As J.C. said that, our rides shot skyward and left the smoke and fire behind. At least this time, we hadn’t wrecked things. But something from the first book that ate our scribe did and that worried me. Before I could ask anything, Auntie Sovvan spoke up. She’d laid our scribe across her lap.

“How do we stop that unraveling thing? It sounds bad.”

Light gathered around us then an angel dropped onto the book in front of Auntie Sovvan. She landed in a crouch and glared at my aunt. All the newcomer needed was a set of armor to complete her tough girl look. Everything about her screamed ‘warrior angel’ except for the white robes with a thick purple stripe at every hem.

“You shouldn’t be here,” Warrior Angel said.

“But I had to help—” Auntie Sovvan looked to us for help, but she maintained her tight grip on our scribe. “I must help them return Melinda to her rightful place. Come on, Misriah. It’ll only take a moment, right?” Auntie Sovvan addressed that last part to J.C. who was smiling.

Something about this scene amused Him, but it just confused me. So I tweaked the newcomer’s wing. Since she was using them to stabilize herself, they were spread wide enough for me to touch them.

“‘Scuse me, but who are you?”

“His guardian angel,” she gestured in Papa’s direction then vanished. So did my aunt.

“You can’t do this!” Auntie Sovvan spluttered, but the wind whipped the rest of her protest away.

Melinda belly-flopped onto the spine of her ride. Her arms and legs draped over opposite sides of the book, but nothing held her on anymore except gravity and air resistance.

“Stay here. Hold tight to J.C.” Papa said as he gathered himself for something.

“Why? What are you—?”

It all happened too fast. The flying book brigade changed course, and the wind shear came at Melinda from just the right angle to tip her over the side. Papa lunged across the gap, but he miscalculated.  His shoulder struck the book, and he slid down its glossy cover unable to find purchase.

“Papa!” I screamed as he and our scribe fell. “Catch them!”

“Already on it.”

J.C. concentrated and his cross manifested. It thumped me in the chest and flattened my nose before vanishing.


The wind stole my words as we dove, and four books dove with us. Below, the world was a blue-and-white swirl. It was so pretty and so fragile-looking from up here. And the wind was freezing the tears leaking out of my eyes.

A furry paw wiped them away, and I sniffed. “Bear?”


Find out next week if Bear’s back and whether he’s in a helping mood. You never know with that spirit guide.

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