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We don’t have a cover to show you this week, but we think we finally found the ONE. It’s a slightly different camera angle from last week’s version, but it really shows Papa’s protective streak. We also tweaked a few other things from the version you saw last week and put the architectural features back, but they’re from a different angle. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who wrote in and pointed out that my neck had issues, and a few other things we hadn’t seen.

All week, our new pc has been rendering the highest quality image we can get. We’ve taxed the poor CPU (the computer’s brain) to the limit, but it keeps chugging—er—calculating?

Once we have it, our scribe will attempt to make them look a little less computer-generated. Then, we’ll debut it. We’re hopeful we can show you something next week, but that all depends on the rendering.

A quick word about our forthcoming books:

Both Curse Breaker: Sundered and His Angelic Keeper: Hidden are coming along nicely. Since the two books are heavily related, we might have to finish them both then publish them. Might. Melinda’s not crazy about that option. But certain characters rush back and forth between books, and that’s driving our poor scribe crazy. She’s working overtime to smooth over the conflicts that causes and to ensure we don’t break any rules.

Hidden takes place during Curse Breaker: Darkens, Curse Breaker: Faceted, and Curse Breaker: Falls and finishes during Curse Breaker: Sundered because of the way time works in the Gray Between Life and Death where our poor Aunt is forced to spend far too much of her time. And, I might complicate things by calling my Auntie to help me. (This is Ran, if you were wondering.)

When I do that, I interrupt her adventure. But with Papa’s magic gone in Sundered, who else can I call when the monster finds us? Auntie Sovvan! You see the problem that poses.

We’ll keep you updated on this tricky situation. Melinda is working hard to make it all work, and we’re working just as hard to complicate things. Aren’t we the best characters ever?


And now back to our adventure in progress! If you missed last week’s episode, click here to catch up. We’ll try not to do anything interesting in the meantime. 😉


Today’s Adventure


“It really says that?” I asked to buy time and keep Uncle Miren looking at the note not at me or the stuffed Bear squirming in my arms. I couldn’t keep Bear quiet for much longer, but I wouldn’t have to if Papa woke up.

“Yes, it does. It’s all right here.” Uncle Miren pointed to the claw marks. Some of them did look like the letters in his books, but these were a lot sharper. Since they were made by claws that made sense.

“That dragon,” Bear said as he dropped to the floor.

He’d finally escaped my hold. Bear folded his arms over his furry chest, not at all impressed by the note someone had shoved under our door—until it burst into blue flames. Uncle Miren shouted and threw it on the ground.

Papa’s shadow fell over me then water doused the flames. It splashed me too, but I think that was his plan all along. Papa takes no chances with my safety. Well, except for that one time, but we were running from monsters, and I do so love sharing his adventures.

I looked up at him as he stepped past me and used that well-muscled leg to not-so-gently prod me away from the smoking wreckage before I could poke it. His magic was a little more insistent. It picked me up and set me down on the far side of the cave.

“Why’d it flame up like that?”

“Who knows why she does anything?” Papa shrugged.

Satisfied every ember was extinguished, he returned the pail to its spot under a stalactite, and it plinked away, refilling it with milky water.

“She’s a dragon. Dragons like to show off, but next time, you digitized worm, a little warning would be nice.” Uncle Miren rubbed his hand. I hurried to his side.

“Are you hurt bad?”

“No, it just stings a little. I dropped it the instant it flamed up.”

“I’m glad you’re okay because it’s time.”

“Time for what?” Papa asked in passing. He was picking up the clothes, books, papers, and other flammable items littering the floor in case the Newsletter-Dragon sent another flaming missive.

“For an ad-ven-ture,” I said, drawing out the word. I gave Papa a knowing look then I held up a clear rock.

“Where did you get that?”

In a blink, Papa stood before me and relieved me of the object, which was good because it was cold, and so was I. Our cave is far underground where the sun never shines, so it’s always cold and clammy down here. I shivered for the moment it took for Papa to glance from the rock to me. He scooped me up, stripped off my wet things and layered on the warm garments until I pushed his big hands away.

“Ran,” he said in a warning tone as he crouched in front of me, holding the crystal. “Where’d you get this?”

“It was in the letter. Do you know what it is?”

“Yeah, it’s a rare form of lumir.”

“But it doesn’t glow.”

“No, it doesn’t because it’s not activated.”

“Can you activate it?”

Papa nodded but kept studying the stone. He turned it over in his hands. It was oblong and half the length of his palm. Its butt end was bulbous and smoothed like it had been tossed around by water. The other side was more blocky with flat facets.

“What will happen if you activate it?” Uncle Miren asked. His voice was so thick with suspicion you could cut it with a knife.

Bear was being uncharacteristically quiet, so I glanced at him, but he shook his head.

“I don’t know,” Papa said finally. “I can’t get a read on it.” But I could see a plan taking shape in his luminous green eyes.

Will we activate it? Find out next week.

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