Who let the dragon out? 0_o

Hi Readers! How have you been?

You’re probably wondering why I’m running. Well, that’s because there’s a dragon on my tail. Yes, there really is a dragon, and she’s chasing me. This is really happening.

Before I get into why, I want to take a moment to remember all those who have given their lives for their country and to thank those who are currently serving in the armed forces. Today, we remember them.

Thank you for your service.

And now back me, Ran, Sarn’s beloved son running for his life down a shadowy tunnel.

“Papa! Where are you?”

Why is a dragon chasing me?

Well last week, I might have said a few unkind things about her. But I assure you, every word I spoke was the truth. Like Papa, I can’t lie and don’t know why anyone would.

And now you’re wondering what I said that so enraged her. It was nothing mean; I assure you. I’m not that kind of kid.

So what this inflammatory statement?

There were a couple of them, apparently. According to the Newsletter-Dragon, (who’s currently spitting badly aimed fireballs at me), I said you could blame her if Relic Hunter wasn’t on sale for 99 cents everywhere. Which was totally true. She flew off last Sunday to make that change in all stores across the web, and those changes did show up.

You can still grab a copy of Relic Hunter for 99 cents for a limited time.

“See? I told you I’d change them,” bellowed the dragon thundering down the tunnel. She extended a claw and it caught on my tunic. She effortlessly lifted me kicking and screaming into the air.

“Hey, put me down.” I swung my little fists at her, but my arms were too short to land any real blows. “Papa? How about some shields for your favorite son? Or a rescue? A rescue would be awesome right now.” I kicked at her, but my feet didn’t connect because my legs were too short. “Papa!”

“What the hell is going on out here?” Papa stepped into view, and I fell into his outstretched arms with a little help from his magic. It might have freed me from the dragon’s claws.

“Thank you, Papa,” I hugged him hard. “You should run now,” I said when he eased his crushing grip on me enough to permit speech.


“Because the dragon is still mad at me.”

“I’ll fix that. You stay in here until I call for you.”

Before I could protest, Papa did his worried parent thing and put a solid door between us. It was just him and the dragon now, and I didn’t even have a keyhole to peer through. So not fair.

The door to our cave was usually secured by a metal bolt, but it was thrown back, and the door still wouldn’t open. I kicked it for good measure. Green light seeped between the door and jamb ensuring it stayed firmly closed. Even Papa’s magic was in on the ‘stop Ran from participating’ game. That was even more unfair because there was no arguing with Papa’s magic when it got all protective like this.

“Hang it up, kid. He’s not going to let you out until it’s safe, and that might take awhile.”


Bear shook his head and turned the page. My stuffed friend appeared to be reading. I say ‘appeared to’ because Bear didn’t have eyes like you and I do. He had two buttons that shined when his spirit was in residence.

“What are you reading?”

It looked like a book, but some books had stories in them and some didn’t. I didn’t want to assume this was the storybook kind. I crossed to the mattress where he sat to get a better look at it.

“Insurance documents.”

“Whatever for?”

“Someone’s got to pay for the damage done to the building where our Scribe, Melinda, lives.”

“The Newsletter-Dragon should do that since she broke it.” I fingered the crocheted throw at the end of the ratty mattress. It was new to this cave, and I wondered where it had come from.

“She was captured by a giant book when we last saw her. Shouldn’t you be wondering how she escaped that and ended up here in time to take tidings of the sale you arranged to the various eBook stores?”

Bear gave me an unreadable look, but I just shrugged. That sounded like a good puzzle for Papa. He liked solving them, and I liked helping him. I regarded the door. It still glowed faintly green and probably wouldn’t open if I tried the handle again.

“Is Papa okay out there? He’s all alone with an angry dragon.” And I couldn’t hear anything because our cave had really thick walls. That was also Papa’s doing. He had an affinity for stones, and so did his magic.

“He can shield. The dragon can’t.” Bear turned another page. He looked completely unconcerned, but worry twisted my little tummy into knots. “What? Oh, don’t look at me like that. He’ll be fine, and all that shielding is good practice.”

“True, but I should be with him. In the books, we always adventure together.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, this isn’t a book. If it was, we’d have to do something about the giant plot hole that spat out the dragon that was chasing you. Last time I checked, she was incarcerated in a giant book by none other than your aunt.”

“Oh, right, I ‘member that. Weren’t we also in a laundry room with a bunch of lookie-loos?”


“Then how did we get here?”

“‘Tis a mystery, my young friend. One we should solve in a future newsletter.” Bear winked a button eye at me and turned another page. This time, a sword poked out instead of blocks of words. He shoved it back in with a swipe of his well-padded, and quite furry, paw.

“What are you really reading?” I eyed the book curiously. I liked stories with swords in them.

Bear gave me another impenetrable look. “What do you think I’m reading?”

“If I knew, I wouldn’t have to ask.” I flopped onto the mattress. It didn’t pancake under me because I only weighed a fraction of what Papa did.

“Maybe I took advantage of the sale you went to so much trouble to arrange and bought a copy of Relic Hunter. And, if you’re good, I might read you some of it.”

Bear turned another page, and red lights shot of the book. They were shaped like chevrons, and they circled the room before diving back between the pages. Bear and I exchanged a look.

“Read that scene aloud! I want to know what those were.” I pointed to the book.

Bear dutifully cracked it open again and thumbed through it seeking those strange lights. He was as curious as was. I smiled. I’d get that story after all, and I wouldn’t have to beg for it.

—This is Ran, son of Sarn, signing off and wishing you a happy Memorial Day.

Remember the fallen today, but also remember those who are still putting themselves in harm’s way to defend and protect us.

P.S. The cast welcomed a new addition on Sunday. Our Scribe is a proud aunt to a bouncy baby boy. We’re not allowed to give out his name until his new parents say so.

Stay tuned for more magical mayhem. We’ll return next week with more. Maybe we’ll even take Bear’s advice. Who knows? Anything could happen in our newsletter.

In the meantime, you can grab Relic Hunter for $0.99 in all ebook stores. If the Newsletter-Dragon set up the sale properly, it’ll be $0.99 until June 8.


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