War of Words and Phones and Dragons

Hi Readers!

Last week, we told you about Organic Ink, Vol. 1. It published on June 30, but it’s been having problems. If you pre-ordered it like we did, don’t panic. The publisher is working with Amazon to figure out why Organic Ink Vol. 1 hasn’t been delivered.

We’re still waiting for our copy too. We don’t know why this book is having issues. Neither does the publisher. They’re just as vexed as we are, but we wanted to let you know.

It’s such a shame this is happening. There are some really great poems in there. We’ll keep you posted about this. Sadly, it’s become a real-life soap opera, but we hope the situation will be resolved soon.

Onward, to our next piece of good news. Our Scribe, Melinda, not meetings, bad phone. Stop auto-correcting our Scribe’s name.

Sorry about that. Melinda’s been monopolizing the magical PC all weekend to finish Hunter’s Night, so I’m writing to you today from her phone, and it has strange notions about what words belong next to each other. So, I’m having to fight it’s constant desire to change my words into something I didn’t mean. It’s really annoying.

I understand why Papa is so quiet all of the time. His magic changes his words on him mid-sentence all the time because he can’t speak a word that isn’t true. But this phone is obviously not bound by that because it’s changing truth into nonsense. Fear not, with my clever fingers, I’m fighting back.

Melinda really needs to train her phone. It can’t be that hard to teach it some manners. It’s not a dragon. Argh. I’m not even going to tell you what it tried to change the word ‘dragon’ into. So not cool, phone. This is a family-friendly conversation.

I wanted to say ‘G-rated,’ but it changed to something that I’m not supposed to know about because I’m a good little boy, and Uncle Miren is looking over my shoulder as I type this. I’m Ran, Sarn’s son and sidekick. Right now though, he’s my chair. I’m sitting on his back, and he’s out cold. I wore him out. 😉 It must have been all that adventuring.

Anyway, I wanted to deliver the good news if my Scribe’s phone will let me. Can you see me giving it the side eye? Because I so am.

I never thought I’d say this, but that portal back to my non-technical, enchanted homeland is looking really inviting right now. It’s also a big purple glowy hoop that hangs out in the middle of my Scribe’s tiny apartment. I might jump through it for fun when no one’s looking. Hey, you know you would too if you had one. Papa is sprawled on the floor in front of it because that’s where the really thick comfy rug is, and he’s tired.

Okay, one last try. Let’s see if I can get Melinda’s phone, (no, stupid phone, not Meetings’ bone. Now, it’s just messing with me. *Face palm*), to cooperate long enough to tell you that she finished writing Hunter’s Night!

Hunter’s Night is the first book in the Robin of Larkspur series, which will be featured in Rogue Skies, a limited edition science fiction and fantasy boxed set. Our Scribe’s sending it off to our brand new editor tomorrow. 🙂 She *just* wants to read through it one more time because she’s paranoid she missed something.

Pre-order Hunter’s Night/Rogue Skies here: http://books2read.com/rogueskies. It’s available on Amazon, iBooks, Nook and Kobo.

What’s it about?

They took her daughter. Now, she’s hunting them.

They kidnapped her baby and vanished without a trace. With no clues to follow and an injured companion to save, Robin must undertake a difficult journey to get help. But a wintry wonderland fraught with dangers lies between her and the one person who could find her daughter. For Robin, failure is not an option. She’ll do anything to save her baby even become the one hunted in a deadly game.

You’ll notice the blurb changed a bit from the one we shared months and months ago. That’s because some of the story behind that original blurb didn’t fit in the space allotted, so it’ll happen in Rogue Night, the sequel to Hunter’s Night/Rogue Skies where all the cool scenes that didn’t fit in Hunter’s Night will go. I have a couple of scenes in both, and I think you’ll love them.

Rogue Night should be on sale around the time that Hunter’s Night/Rogue Skies is delivered to your device (if you bought it) or shortly thereafter. We’ll have more details about the timing of that as we get closer. Right now, it’s a big scary draft our Scribe needs to whip into shape and of course, add more scenes to. We have a list of demands for that book. No, we haven’t presented those demands yet. We’re waiting until Hunter’s Night/Rogue Skies is sent to the publisher.

After that, it’s all about Papa and I. Our Scribe has 5 books coming your way that star us. yes, 5! I’m so excited I can’t contain myself. Those books are: Curse Breaker: Hidden, the untitled sequel to Hidden, and three (yes 3!) as yet untitled books based on our newsletter adventures. So if you missed a week or joined us more recently, you can catch up on our shenanigans.

Can you believe our newsletter has been around since 2016? That’s crazy, right?  But it’s true, and we’ve had many adventures right here. Now, they’re coming to ebook with new scenes and more of what you love about us, so the Newsletter-Dragon can’t hide them anymore in the bowels of our website. All our old adventures are there, but if you’ve ever tried to find them, then you’ve run into her handiwork.

And since those adventures are coming to ebook, she’ll finally have a scene in a book. Maybe she’ll leave us alone for a while. Maybe not. Hey, do you think she’s in my Scribe’s phone right now messing around with it?

That would explain it’s strange behavior. I’ve been censoring its comments, but wow, it’s getting more and more vitriolic (<—huh? where did that word come from?) by the minute, and it’s heating up.

I’m pretty sure Melinda broke her phone while writing Hunter’s Night because it keeps changing the word ‘writing’ to well, maybe I shouldn’t tell you. It’s not a nice word. It’s actually a phrase that’s kind of threatening, and now auto-correct wants a scene in our next book?

What? Not going to happen. No way. I knew you were in there, Newsletter-Dragon. At last, you show your digital face.

I have to go now. Melinda’s phone is starting to smoke, but we’ll return next week for a special post-holiday edition with angels, dragons, giant books and lots of fun stuff as we continue to solve our Draggonish Problems. Part nine of that story is coming next week. Promise.

This is Ran, son of Sarn, running as fast as I can from a phone that’s emitting a strange blue light. I think they’re supposed to be tongues of flame, but I’m not going to stick around to find out.

Have a great week!


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