Angels and Dragons and Books, Oh My!

Hi Readers,

I’m in trouble now. Papa’s towing me to the purple-glowing portal that mysteriously showed up in our cave around the time our Scribe was writing Curse Breaker: Darkens. He knows about Curse Breaker: Enchanted too, but we might have led him to believe someone else was the hero of that tale.

He’s a private guy. So if you decide to visit our mountain home this holiday season, and I hope you will, don’t correct that misapprehension, okay? Oh and watch out for magic stealing rocks (AKA black lumir crystals) and monsters. But other than that, Shayari is a pretty safe country when there’s no demon flying around enslaving people. We’re working on putting a stop to that in our next three books.

And now, since I mentioned them, here’s an update:

  • His Angelic Keeper books 1-3 have new covers:
  • The revised version of His Angelic Keeper (#1) is live on Amazon with the new cover. Our Scribe didn’t add any new chapters. She just smoothed out a few parts she thought could be better.
    • The new cover + revised interior is live for the ebook, but the paperback is still in Amazon’s review queue. So it will not be up for a few days yet.
    • Updating everything and getting both versions into Amazon’s system was an adventure. But I’ll get to that in a moment. The Newsletter-Dragon was in rare form today.
  • Last night, His Angelic Keeper: Hidden winged its way to the UK where our editor resides, and we’re so excited about that. We’ll have information about the release date, advanced previews, and more in the coming weeks.
  • Curse Breaker: Hidden has a brand new cover as well, and Curse Breaker: Hidden is at the top of the writing cue! We’ll show off that cover soon. Promise. This week, we had to give Auntie Sovvan needed a little love.
  • His Angelic Keeper: Fallen is also in development because parts of it take place at the same time as Curse Breaker: Hidden, and certain characters are in both books. It will hopefully be the last book in this massive 9-book story arc, so we can all move on and have new story arcs. 🙂
  • We have a page dedicated to the books coming soon on our site, and it will be updated daily, so you can check it whenever you need to know what our Scribe is working on, and what’s in the queue.

And that’s it for now about book news. Back to our refrigerator adventure.

The Masked Refrigerator Avenger vs the Dragon

(If you missed a part of this light, fantasy adventure, read Part 1part 2part 3, part 4 now.)

When you last saw us, (this is Ran, Sarn’s son from the Curse Breaker Series), Papa had taken my hand and towed me through the portal to our Scribe’s apartment where the Newsletter-Dragon (my digital nemesis) was causing trouble.

We exited the portal, and my uncle followed a moment later to find a woman in pink armor that included a skirt. I guess the knee-length skirt was for modesty’s sake? Not sure about that since I didn’t get a chance to ask my aunt about it.

Auntie Sovvan frowned at something on the computer screen in front of her. “Do you know what this says?” She pointed to the screen.

A dragon grinned back at us from it, but the dragon was composed of ones and zeroes. That Newsletter-Dragon had struck again! I caught my uncle’s hand and hurried him along, since he was the only one of us who was literate.

“Uncle Miren will know. He’s getting an education.” I pushed my uncle in front of me, but he didn’t read the message aloud. “What does it say?” I asked when the silence had gone on a lot longer than it should have. There were only six lines of text under the grinning dragon image, and they were short like me.

Uncle Miren peered at it. “It’s a riddle.”

“Is this what you wanted me to see?” Papa leaned over me and looked at the screen over his brother’s shoulder. But he gently moved my aunt aside. She’s almost as tall as Papa, which made sense since they were twins.

Well, no, this wasn’t at all what I wanted him to see, especially if that note was a ransom note. Considering who had left it, that note probably was. What was the Newsletter-Dragon holding hostage now?

“What does it say?” Papa asked Uncle Miren.

This time my uncle had to answer, but he flashed me a warning look when I popped up on his other side, confirming my fears. The Newsletter-Dragon had taken one of our books captive. But which one?

“Papa, what about the refrigerator? I trapped a miniature dragon in there. Shouldn’t you look at it?” I rounded my uncle and grabbed Papa’s hand and pulled. Nothing happened because I am tiny compared to him.

But he did glance at me. He still wasn’t wearing a mask. Uncle Miren and I were though, and it had his face on it. So Papa grimaced when he saw his mug on my face.

I just smiled behind the mask at his reaction because I looked like a miniature version of him even without the mask, clothing and all. He just had scars, and I didn’t. I wasn’t sure I wanted any scars. Some of his looked painful.

“The dragon,” I prompted. I nodded to the broken fridge standing three feet away. Melinda had a small apartment, but she was a small woman, so it was just right for her.

“I’ll look at it after this. I want to know what that note says.”

Uh-oh. Now, Uncle Miren had to answer. But unlike Papa, he didn’t have any magic to force him to tell the truth. Would he tell a little white lie to keep the books about Papa a secret between us? Or would he read the message as it was?

Auntie Sovvan glared at Uncle Miren and folded her arms, and he caved. My aunt was a tough lady, and the look she gave my uncle made it clear that if he deviated from the truth, she’d know.

“It says…” Uncle Miren sought me out with his eyes, and they apologized for what he was about to say. “What’s pink and has wings, angels, demons and dragons inside? Let that book be your guide as we walk on the wild side.”

We all looked at Auntie Sovvan since that described her perfectly.

“What does the rest say?” Auntie Sovvan pointed to the last line.


Find out next week. Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving if you are in the US and are celebrating it. We are grateful for you this Thanksgiving.

Thank you so much for reading our weekly adventures and our books. We could not do any of this without you. ❤

Thank you.

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