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How are you this week? Spring is coming, so our Scribe, Melinda, is walking while writing about us. She can’t escape us. Muahahaha!

(We might also follow her to make sure she stays on task.)

Our next book, Spell of Shadow & Light comes out on April 14.

What’s Spell of Shadow & Light about?

It contains four sword & sorcery novellas that take place before Curse Breaker Enchanted.

The four adventures follow Nulthir and his magical creature friends, the Owlcats, who are part bird of prey, part cat, and all personality. They’re quest: to save the littlest OwlCat (Furball) from a dark crystal that kills, the evil spirit inside it, and the demon summoners that need its power to make more monsters than the ones chasing our heroes.

In other book news, His Angelic Keeper Fallen is coming along nicely. Our Scribe has 21 chapters written (about 70,000 words). The book will probably surpass 100,000 words. Most of our books do, including Spell of Shadow & Light, which clocks in a just a few words shy of 100,000 because it has an extended epilogue.

What’s in the writing queue after His Angelic Keeper Fallen?

  • Curse Breaker Trapped
  • Rogue Spells (sequel to Dragon Spells)
  • Rogue Ranger

This could change, depending on our financial situation.

We’re grateful to everyone who bought a copy of our books or read it through Kindle Unlimited. We could not do this without you. ❤ We love you all.

At the moment, we’re in the red. Our last two books didn’t earn enough to pay for the next book. But we’re hoping Spell of Shadow & Light will sell enough to pull us out of the red.

You can help us out by recommending our books to your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, random people on the street.

What if it doesn’t pull us out of the red?

Well, we won’t stop having fun adventures. That won’t change. There will still be more books about Sarn, Sovvan, and Robin. We’ll have to find another way to pay for covers and editing.

Our Scribe didn’t want to talk about this in our newsletter because it’s a fun, safe place. But it’s been on her mind and ours too, and it may impact our publishing schedule, even though we don’t want it to.

But now, it’s time for a little fun as our special presentation continues with one of our favorite chapters because we can’t end on a sad note. That’s not how our story goes.

Curse Breaker Hidden

Angelic Visitor (part 2)

“Are we related? Yes, I’m his long lost but recently found sister. It’s all rather complicated.” Sovvan fiddled with her sleeves. “So, you don’t know where he is?”

“Not at the moment, no, but he’s supposed to show up for work soon.” Jerlo gripped the arms of his chair hard. Sarn was overdue, but he probably met up with Nolo. Why the two hadn’t come to him, Jerlo didn’t know, but he was keeping an open mind. Something could have come up, necessitating his second-in-command’s immediate attention, and he would have just taken Sarn with him if it had.

“Oh, I could—” Sovvan said as a dark blur passed through the door without opening it.

The blur resolved into a man-shaped creature with flaming wings and an insectoid carapace where his torso should be. He’d caught Sovvan from behind in a chokehold, turning her as translucent as he was. “You can’t escape me, girl. I made a deal, and I will fulfill it.”

“You won’t win. The Adversary couldn’t take me fourteen years ago, and he won’t today either.” Sovvan clawed at his hands as he dragged her through the desk.

Jerlo opened a drawer in his desk, but a hand landed on his shoulder before he could seize the soul blade in there. The blue jewel in its hilt winked at him.

“Don’t interfere,” said a woman from behind him.

“Who are you?” Jerlo struggled, but it was no use. His muscles wouldn’t obey him. Invisible bonds kept him still and stuck in his chair.

“Allesariah, your guardian angel. I’m sorry we met this way. But you can’t interfere with this, and neither can I.”

“Why?” Jerlo was glad he could still speak. But it went against everything he believed in to let that creature walk out with Sarn’s sister.

Sovvan rolled her gray eyes as she struggled. “Because he was my guardian angel before he took up with the Adversary. But maybe you can help with that.”

“With what?” Jerlo asked. He was confused now. Nor was he the only one because his guardian angel had asked the same question.

“With the Adversary.” Sovvan elbowed her captor in the stomach, but that blow had no effect on him. Her ex-guardian angel walked through chairs, filing cabinets, tables, and dragon statues as if they weren’t there, and he dragged Sovvan through them as well. Nothing hindered him. Nor did he touch anything he walked through.

“He’s here?” Jerlo and his guardian angel said at the same time.

“Well, his spirit is but—” Sovvan broke off as her ex-guardian angel tightened his grip on her throat.

“Shut your mouth, girl. You don’t know what you’re talking about.” Her ex-guardian angel had reached the door. He backed through it, pulling a silently kicking Sovvan through it after him.

Allesariah let go of him and Jerlo glimpsed her true form. She was a warrior angel with a hammered steel breastplate emblazoned with a cross-in-glory. She wore a modified version of the white robe Sovvan wore, but it stopped at her metal greaves. A flaming sword hung from a sheathe on her hip, and a halo gilded her short brown hair. Allesariah had a metal helm gripped firmly under one gauntleted arm. She looked tough enough to take on the devil.

Relieved that his soul had such powerful protection, Jerlo shoved out of his chair. If the Adversary was here, just let the fiend come for him. I’m ready for that spiritual battle, Lord. Especially with that angel at his side.

Allesariah ran through the furniture in her way and the closed door as if they posed no hindrance for her. But Jerlo was only mortal, so he had to walk around the objects in his way. Before he’d crossed half his office, the ground shook, and the clock struck two o’clock in the morning.

In the mountain’s peak, the twelve bells of Mount Eredren tolled ominously once, then paused as if they needed to catch their breath, then twice, then they stopped. They’d rung only two times, announcing the hour as the second of the morning. Jerlo had slept for at least four hours at his desk before Sovvan had dropped in, maybe more. But there wasn’t time to rest anymore tonight.

Mount Eredren only had earthquakes when Sarn was in trouble. What in God’s name was that kid up to now? Considering the dire straits his sister seemed to be in, Jerlo shelved that line of thought. Sarn was six hours late, and so was Nolo.

That wasn’t like them. The promises Sarn had sworn wouldn’t allow any tardiness. What in blazes could stop a frigging mage from showing up? The Adversary? What about Nolo? If something had come up, His second-in-command usually sent a runner with a message, but that hadn’t happened either.

“What the hell is going on tonight?” Jerlo asked the dragon statues crowded around him. There was only one way to find out. Jerlo threw open the door.

Jallister’s desk was just as messy as his, but there was no one else in his outer office except his assistant scribbling away. Allesariah, Sovvan, and her ex-guardian angel had disappeared. No matter, Rangers found people, and Jerlo was their commander. He’d locate his missing people and find out what the hell was going on after he checked in with his assistant. Hopefully, Nolo had sent a message about his whereabouts and Sarn’s.


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