Ripping up the Rogues

Hi Readers,

I have more drama to report!

This is Ran, Sarn’s son from the Curse Breaker series and the host of indie fantasy author, Melinda Kucsera’s newsletter. And now, it’s time for the drama!

What happened this week?

Lots of things! First off, I got no page time other than this newsletter, so that’s obviously a problem that must be corrected right now.

So if I didn’t get any page time this week, then who did?

This is where things get interesting. Melinda, my scribe, is working on Rogue Ranger. 29 chapters from that crazy book are posted on Patreon and 22 are posted on Kindle Vella so far, and there are 5 chapters in shambles on her PC.

Why are those chapters in pieces?

Because Melinda ripped those chapters apart. She might have forgotten she wasn’t writing a Curse Breaker book, and Papa might have taken over the narrative.

I don’t know what she thought would happen in the book. Once Papa got permission to leave Mount Eredren at the end of Rogue Night, there was only one thing on his to-do list, find me and bring me home. If you’ve read Curse Breaker Enchanted, then you know he’s like a heat seeking missile when he’s concerned about my welfare.

You can delay him, but you can’t distract him or stop him. He’ll just leave you behind if you try. He’ll feel bad about it because he’s got a big heart, but that won’t stop him from doing it. No one gets between us.

But that created a big problem for reasons I’m not allowed to talk about because they would spoil the story and give away details about Robin’s magic, which is very different from ours. You see a lot of it in Rogue Ranger because Robin gets tangled up in it at times.

I have a late-breaking update on this developing situation! Melinda had a long talk with her mom about the book, and she found a solution for her plot issue. But then, she had to make food because I eat her out of house and home. 🙂

Hopefully, tomorrow she’ can’ll get back to work on Rogue Ranger and finish it so she can write books for me. I mean for you because everything we do is for you.

So that’s what’s happening with Rogue Ranger.

The Scribe also made a short video (less than 2 minutes long) about her writing and publishing goals for next year! You can watch it here and see advanced previews of the cover designs. Some aren’t final, but others are.

If you’re not into videos, I’ll summarize the list here:

Melinda didn’t say what order these books would be written, so that list could change. I’m not unhappy with the list since I’ll have lots of page time in Curse Breaker Jousts and Storm Spells and some in Chaos Rises too.

I get only a little in Rogue Ranger and none at all in Mage Hunter since it’s set before my parents even met. But I should still get a cameo, right?

So that’s the Scribe’s goals for next year, but what are mine?

I’m glad you asked. Let me just pull out my list. Yes, I made a list. 🙂 Melinda’s phone won’t record me, so I had to write it down.

Books I want the Scribe to write in 2023:

  • Curse Breaker Jousts (she should start this on Jan 1, ideally.)
  • Storm Spells (I want this because I am the main character, and Papa is my sidekick. I don’t know if he’s realized that, but that’s the rule in that series since it started in this very newsletter.)
  • Any book where I have a lot of page (the Scribe should repeat this bullet point time until the end of the year)

What books are you looking forward to in 2023?

Are they on my Scribe’s list or mine?

If you’re reading this on our website, you can comment or click the contact us link and tell my scribe that Ran is amazing and you want more of him. If you’re reading this in your inbox, just hit reply and tell us!

This is our last regular newsletter edition before the end of the year. Our next two, will be our annual holiday issues.

What are we doing in them?

We’ll find out together next week. I have a few ideas, but I don’t know if the Scribe will allow me to do any of them. We’ll both have to wait and see. See you soon!

Stay safe and read a good book until we meet again. We’ve got lost to choose from!

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