It’s nearly done

Rogue Ranger is almost done! The wait is almost over.

There’s one more scene left to write, but I am revising the rest of the chapters first and posting them on Patreon first and Kindle Vella second.

Also, Patrons on the Mage-in-Training tier and above will receive copies of Rogue Ranger some time in early January and members of the Lord/Lady of the Mountain tier will get a copy of that and a copy of the boxed set, Robin of Larkspur Books 1-3 (in February)!

What will be inside Robin of Larkspur Books 1-3:

The boxed set won’t be available in stores for a while since Rogue Ranger is on Kindle Vella, and their terms of service don’t allow stories that are published to Kindle Vella to be in boxed sets while the story is on that platform. But I can and will publish Rogue Ranger in ebook and paperback as soon as their terms allow, which will probably be in early Feb.

That’s the current state of things.

This year’s holiday issues will deploy (for those who are signed up to my newsletter) or publish for those who come every day to this blog (I see you, and I thank you for that!) on December 26 and January 2.

Ran has something in mind for both, and I’m a little worried because he won’t tell me what he’s been up to.

You’ll have to wait until Monday to find out.

Hopefully, I’ll find out tomorrow since I probably have to do things to make this a reality.

Whatever you choose to celebrate, have a happy holiday!

–Melinda Kucsera, the Scribe