Curse Breaker | Pursued

Curse Breaker | Pursued Vaulting from boulder to boulder, he crossed the white-capped river mere feet from the falls themselves. On the far shore, he broke into a run and hit the maze the rich had dubbed the Lower Quarters. Though squalor, even one with such a genteel moniker, was still rankest poverty. Reeking of urine, rotting food, and unwashed bodies, the stink grew stronger as Sarn fled the river and headed towards the galleries where the indentured dwelt. His footfalls echoed despite his attempts to run silently down twisting tunnels. He hurried, breaking off just before he reached one of … Continue reading Curse Breaker | Pursued

Curse Breaker | Intercepted

Curse Breaker | Intercepted “Easy,” said the newcomer, “It’s just Green Eyes.” Sarn risked a glance at the man standing at his elbow. Grime combined with the green glow of Sarn’s eyes made it impossible to tell what color the man’s garments were or if the fellow was sporting gang colors. The gap-toothed fellow waited for a response of some kind. Great, so word had spread that Sarn wasn’t mute. Damn it.  “How do you know me?” “Zaduke.” He owed Zaduke a favor. Anger flared up but Sarn squelched it and the memory of just why he owed a jumped … Continue reading Curse Breaker | Intercepted

Curse Breaker | Falling

Curse Breaker | Falling Sarn gave the forest one backwards glance just to confirm that neither Nolo nor any other Rangers had appeared. Trees stood by watching him, no doubt waiting for him to make a move. Was this all a cruel game to them? His hands curled into fists; he was no one’s pawn. Other than the wind rustling leaves high above, he heard shouts that grew more distant the longer he stood there. Let those shouts not be about him. Let Nolo find someone else to badger. Didn’t he need to report all this madness to his superior? … Continue reading Curse Breaker | Falling

Curse Breaker | Rift

Curse Breaker | Rift Sarn ran back towards the bodies. Dread dogged him. A branch shot out at chest level and Sarn struck it hard enough to bruise. He had managed to slow enough to keep from breaking anything but the impact still drove the breath from him. He ducked under the impediment and then had to throw himself backwards to avoid a head injury as more branches leapt into his path. He watched in horror as the ground opened up and that child’s body, along with all the others, toppled into it. He couldn’t tear his gaze away. The … Continue reading Curse Breaker | Rift

Indentured | Curse Breaker

Indentured–one word with three syllables, in its meaning is found a lifetime’s worth of complexity, incalculable problems that his signature, an X, birthed. Yet fly to work he does for his master’s waiting and Sarn’s running, chasing the bells that chime the hours; yes run slave, run faster! Mount Erendren’s bells wait for none to knell, tell that day has ended for some, not you. Night’s rising, moon’s winging o’er Shayari and the Enchanted forest’s restless too. Quick, smart trees, all a-glow, need you to see what their daytime sport, that tends to distort, did to folks, who came ‘neath trees to disport. … Continue reading Indentured | Curse Breaker

A Sonnet for Your Sunday: Legacy

Legacy (the Legend of the Curse Breaker) Not all gold glitters while some lies hidden. In caves deep and under waters sweet, bides that which can set all to right. Unbidden it rises from the depths to hand the guide knowledge true to right a wrong God still sees. Cursed since birth this child of a magic ban, to his hand draws kingmaker Legacy– the blade that shattered in the traitor’s hand. There it merges into a gleaming whole– Blade that regicide and fratricide broke– to heal a sundered land and plug a hole left by betrayal. Still remains the yoke … Continue reading A Sonnet for Your Sunday: Legacy

Who Will Narrate: Listen and Cast Your Vote


Okay, we’ve talked these last two days about audio books both the professionally produced variety and the self-narrated too. If you need a refresher, pop by this post here for a discussion of professional voice acted audio books and here for the DIY option.

You are armed with knowledge and ready to cast your vote an a very important issue. Who should narrate?

With the above posts in mind, I come to you, wonderful followers and one time visitors alike, to ask your opinion on the matter. Below I submit to you two scenes from my novella narrated by me, the author. Worry not, neither one is longer than 7 minutes. Together they comprise the first two scenes from my forthcoming audio book. It will be available for sale in 2016.

Continue reading “Who Will Narrate: Listen and Cast Your Vote”

Breaking Curses

Sarn has a problem. His eyes glow green all the time due to a magic that’s slowly chewing away at his sanity. Sarn indentured himself to pay for his younger brother’s education and was assigned to the Rangers at sixteen. In the four years since then, he has built a tenuous and often strained relationship with his fellow Rangers. It doesn’t help that odd things happen around him all the time. Odd things that begin to add up into a terrifying whole… Continue reading Breaking Curses