The Mermaid Made Me Do It

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We hope you enjoyed last week’s shenanigans. I’m very excited to introduce you to Daniel Kucsera, our Scribe’s newborn nephew. See pictures of him here. He’s 1 day old in the picture in our epic announcement, and we caught our elusive Scribe on camera with him. Bonus points! 🙂

Before I forget, our sale is ending soon. Get your copy of Relic Hunter for $0.99.

The Newsletter-Dragon has promised not to change the price until June 9th, but she’s a contrary dragon made of 1s and 0s, so I’m not sure how trustworthy her promises are. You might want to buy your copy now just in case she changes her mind.

And now, we’ll leave the cyber world of code-based creatures for a bit and dive under the sea where Svetalia, a tough, take-no-prisoners mermaid, is pursuing some deadly #goals.  


Svetalia is just one of the new characters who star in Beware of the Kraken, part of the Sea of Secrets anthology, which published on May 31. I was supposed to tell you about it last week, but there was a dragon chasing me, and it’s really hard to divert her when she gets up a good head of steam or fire in this case. 0_o

(This is Ran, by the way, if you hadn’t guessed. I’m Sarn’s son and sidekick. He’s the Curse Breaker who stars in most of our Scribe’s books. I help him solve magical problems and defuse dangerous situations.)

Sea of Secrets is only available on Amazon because it’s part of Kindle Unlimited, and Amazon requires books that are part of KU to be exclusive to the Kindle store. BUT Beware of the Kraken(our scribe’s story), is just the first part, (~15000 words), of a much longer tale. It’s a fun preview to see if people like our stories of sea creatures getting into magical mischief. Mayhem isn’t just for us land lovers anymore.

Anyway, when the first part comes off KU next summer/fall and its rights revert back to our scribe, she can finish it and publish the story everywhere ebooks are sold—if you like the story.

So what’s Beware of the Kraken about?

This mermaid, obviously, but there are some other shady characters both under and on the sea:


Far out to sea, a magical veil separates this world from the next. Three souls will try to cross it—a daring young merman searching for an adventure, a human privateer who’s out to win a bet, and a desperate mermaid whose ruthlessness knows no bounds. On the other side of that gateway lies either a lost treasure or a secret that could destroy their way of life. But the Veil has many guardians under the sea, and they won’t allow anyone to cross that portal, not even their fellow sea creatures.

By tooth, by claw, or by tentacle strike, the sea keeps its secrets. Beware, dangerous tides are ahead.

[Psst! Dangerous Tides Ahead will likely be the title of the full novel once we get the rights back and can publish the whole thing ourselves. We bought a pretty cover for it before our scribe got really good at rendering 3d images. Now, we kind of want to use our images instead of the one we bought. Our mermaid is prettier than the one we purchased. 😦 ]

Where did our scribe get the idea for this? It’s a story our scribe wrote years and years ago. I found it on her hard drive and thought it was the perfect undersea adventure for the Sea of Secrets Anthology, so I asked her to revise and submit it. It’s not doing us any good sitting on her pc. Right? Exactly.  

Every character has to earn his/her own keep even mermaids, talking dolphins and whales, a merboy who’s more fish than boy, and a lovesick sailor who really should have said no to this voyage. 😉

Get Sea of Secrets now.


We’ll return next week with more magical mayhem. Bear might have a list of things we need to do. Maybe we’ll tackle that next week.

In the meantime, you can grab Relic Hunter for $0.99 in all ebook stores. If the Newsletter-Dragon set up the sale properly, it’ll be $0.99 until June 8.

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