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Welcome back! This is your host, Ran, son of Sarn, from the ever-expanding Curse Breaker series. 🙂 This week, a lot’s happening. Let’s pull back the curtain and head backstage for a look. Follow me!

(Just drop down the rabbit hole. Don’t worry. There’s a soft cushion at the other end to catch you. If you miss it, Auntie Sovvan is standing by with catcher’s mitts, so you’re covered either way.)

First off, Tuesday, March 10, is our Scribe, Melinda’s, birthday. (Yay!) It’s also the release day for the first multi-author anthology our publishing house, Magical Mayhem Press, produced. It’s called Hidden Magic because there’s lots of magic hidden inside.

All twenty authors who participated in this trilogy of anthologies, (collectively called Magic Underground), submitted a trilogy of interlinked stories. So, Hidden Magic has the first story each of the twenty authors submitted; Wayward Magic has the second; and Forgotten Magic has the third installment of all the story arcs that began in Hidden Magic.

Sound intriguing?

Many of the story arcs that begin in Hidden Magic end in Forgotten Magic. But some authors will continue theirs in separate, stand alone series of their own because some characters aren’t satisfied with a three-story arc. This will come as no surprise, but Thing and his mate weren’t.

He and Amal took a left turn in the third story our Scribe, Melinda, wrote necessitating more stories. But they have to wait until yours truly gets his next book. Those are the rules. 🙂 Well, they’re my rules anyway. Since I hid everything Melinda needs to write the fourth installment of their story, they have no choice but to wait. 🙂

Could we keep that between you and me? Melinda hasn’t noticed I hid them, and I’d like to keep it that way. Thank you.

How’s my book coming along?

Slowly. 😦 Thank you for asking. 🙂

Why slowly?

Because Auntie Sovvan’s antics in Curse Breaker: Falls, Curse Breaker: Sundered and the first half of Curse Breaker: Hidden caused a huge plot problem. You see, she never solved the problem in her own book series, His Angelic Keeper. She should have done that before shoving her way into our story. But she didn’t. Bad Auntie.

So, now we have a huge problem. Auntie Sovvan spent a lot of time in Curse Breaker: Falls and Curse Breaker: Sundered, and she will spend even more time in Curse Breaker: Hidden at least until I get Papa to reclaim his magic. I’m working on that. Don’t you worry. I want Papa back to his magically awesome self, so he can shield me from monsters.

Don’t know about you, but I like standing there while monsters and other bad dudes crash into a wall of sparkly green magic.

Since he can’t do it right now, Auntie Sovvan is protecting me. But she doesn’t have any magic, so her protection is more active. She does a lot of snatching me from the arms of trouble and leaping around to get us clear of it. It’s downright exhausting having to cling to her while she’s being all acrobatic and stuff. Not to mention what all that motion is doing to my poor tummy. :/

I shouldn’t have eaten so many sausages.

Since I’d rather not get squished by a giant leathery arm with suction cups on it, and there are a lot of them, I just grin and bear it. But I miss Papa’s magical shields a lot. It’s hard to be a sidekick when you’re imitating a sack of potatoes. 😦

I know my Auntie means well. But she’s not the sidekick. I am. And her behavior has becoming increasingly more sidekick-like. Isn’t there a demon she’s supposed to be fighting? Why, yes, there is. Perhaps, she should go do that and leave my books alone…

Anway, Melinda is working hard on this plot issue, and the new one Auntie Sovvan threw at her in Curse Breaker: Hidden. To fix both plot problems/holes, Melinda’s writing His Angelic Keeper: Hidden alongside Curse Breaker: Hidden.

Why is she doing this?

Because my aunt went out from the Memory Grove where a demon was opening a portal, (end of His Angelic Keeper), to our world at the exact same instant the Adversary made a grab for Papa’s soul, (beginning of Curse Breaker: Falls).

Dunno about you, but I’d really like to know how Auntie Sovvan managed that. And, where did she go each time she disappeared during Curse Breaker: Falls and Curse Breaker: Sundered? Why did she disappear? It would be nice to know, right?

Those answers are coming soon. Melinda just can’t put a date on it yet because she’s working on the launch for Hidden Magic, (Magic Underground Anthology #1), this week while putting together Forgotten Magic, (Magic Underground Anthology #3).

Unfortunately, these anthologies are a lot of work. We’ll find out this week if that hard work paid off, and if you like our experiment in episodic fantasy fiction.

I have to get back to that. I’m the chief scribe wrangler. 🙂 Have an awesome week! I’ll be back in your inbox with more launch week shenanigans on March 14.

If you’ll just step right here onto the magical levitation device, we’ll whisk you back to your reality. Please stand clear of the closing doors. We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look. See you on March 14.

P.S. Curse Breaker: Hidden and His Angelic Keeper: Hidden are not yet available to preorder. Would you like them to be? Inquiring characters want to know. 😉

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