It’s here! Dragon Spells is Finally On Sale

Hi Readers,

Today is the big day! Dragon Spells releases today. That’s right. You can get your copy or read it through Kindle Unlimited right now! So go do that here.

We hope you enjoy it.

What do you get when you buy Dragon Spells?

Great question! You get over 200 pages of:

  • the Newsletter-Dragon gone wild. Witness her terrifying transformation. Find out what new powers she gains and watch her use them against us.
  • Lots and lots of portal crossing, world-spanning mayhem featuring not just me and Papa but the Newsletter-Dragon, Auntie Sovvan, Uncle Miren, and several new characters.
  • Tons of magic. Papa borrowed some moves from a certain superhero since many of the characters in that ‘Verse also hail from Westchester. There’s also some tech too because the Newsletter-Dragon likes her digital toys.
  • Suggestions from your fellow readers about how to defeat said dragon and our attempts to carry them out without getting barbecued. We worked all of them into the plot somewhere, but we protected their names because privacy is very important to us.

In short, Dragon Spells is kind of like Harry Potter if Harry was an adorable little kid with a loving and very magical dad, and said father and son had lived in a Middle Earth-like world, (we have enchanted forests!), and had to go to Westchester, New York to stop a dragon’s dastardly plan.

Oh, and we finally found out what the dragon’s plan was!

In 2019, when we ran the series of stories that would become the backbone of Dragon Spells, that dragon weaseled out of telling us why she invaded your world, and we let her. We had other problems at the time, so it wasn’t our fault, but not so in Dragon Spells. We get the answer, and we’re in a race against time to stop her from implementing it.

And the answer might just surprise you. It surprised us. We definitely didn’t see that coming.

So grab your copy of Dragon Spells here or read it through Kindle Unlimited here.

In case the reasons listed above weren’t enough of a reason to get Dragon Spells, we’re continuing to our preview:

Dragon Spells: A Curse Breaker Companion Novel

by Melinda Kucsera

(Read Part 1, Part 2 of our special preview. Buy or read Dragon Spells here.)

“Papa!” Ran shouted from around the corner.

Sarn skidded to a stop just a few feet away from a scene ripped from his worst nightmare. His adorable little boy hung from a large, sharp, claw and swung his little fists ineffectually at an honest-to-God dragon complete with wings and a spiky tail coiled snake-like on the floor behind it. Ran didn’t hit the dragon but not for lack of trying.

The boy must have sensed he was near because Ran called out to him. “Papa? How about a magical shield for your only son? Or a rescue? A rescue would be awesome right now. Papa!”

Right, he should stop gawking and save his son. Sarn sent a burst of magic to collect the boy, and his magic wrapped around his son, cocooning him in an impenetrable shield. Ran floated on a cloud of green energy safely into his arms, and he hugged that boy tightly.

“Thank you, Papa.” Ran hugged him hard. The talkative tyke seemed none the worse for wear, thank Fate. That was a small miracle judging by the anger flashing in the dragon’s peculiar eyes.

In fact, the dragon was a lot smaller than Sarn had thought one would be in the flesh. She was maybe twice his six-and-a-half feet in height. Shouldn’t she be a lot larger? Her horned head didn’t even touch the ceiling. Granted, the stalactite-covered ceiling was about forty feet high. Weren’t Dragons supposed to be massive? Well, this one wasn’t.

The dragon approached, but she wasn’t heavy enough to shake the floor, not with the protective spells in the stonework redirecting her weight.

Sarn backed away from her and the blue light shining out of her eyes and horn. “What’s going on here?” Sarn relaxed his tight embrace, so he could look his son in the eyes. Ran was a small, bubbly copy of him, but thankfully, the tyke didn’t have any magic yet.

“You should run now,” Ran said into his shoulder.

“Why?” Sarn looked from the dragon exhaling smoke rings to his son. What was all that smoke for?

“Because the dragon might still be mad at me.” Ran ducked his head to hide his guilty little face.

“Why is the dragon mad at you?” Sarn regarded his son in perplexity. What could such a sweet child possibly have done to upset a dragon?

“I might have said a few things, but they were all true.” Ran started to cross his heart, but Sarn stopped him.

“Don’t swear. Promises are binding. You have to be careful what you say to people, especially to me.” Sarn squeezed his son’s hand then let go. A string of well-intentioned promises had bound him, body and soul, to more masters than he wanted to think about, and Sarn had no way out of that. Nor did he want that kind of life for the boy he held close to his heart.

His son should be free to pursue whatever he wanted, not tied to a bunch of promises made in ignorance. Sarn knew he should cut himself some slack. He’d been a stupid teenager at the time he’d made those promises. Unfortunately, that didn’t make them any less binding.

A fireball struck the shield around them, cutting off the recriminations looping through his mind, and it exploded in a shower of sparks.

Of course, Ran reached for them. “Ooo, pretty.”

No, they weren’t, so Sarn kept a firm hold on his son.

“Face me!” the enraged dragon beat her fisted claws against her chest, and that sounded like a fine idea.

Sarn had some frustration to work off, and a dragon was the perfect opponent. But first, he had a son to put somewhere safe. Preferably, somewhere the boy couldn’t interfere, like their cave. It was even more fortified than this tunnel. Ran would be safe in there, and it wasn’t far away.

In fact, his cave was in the next tunnel. Sarn backed into a wall, and his magic seeped into it. Let me pass. The stones behind him liquefied and flowed away on either side of him, forming a temporary doorway he slipped through before it closed, revealing a solid wall again. Thank you. Sarn rested a hand against the wall then turned away.

“Did we just walk through a stone wall?” Ran stared at him in awe.

“Yeah, it was in the way.” Sarn didn’t see what was so special about that. “My magic likes rocks. I just let it rearrange them.” Sarn shrugged.

“That was so cool. Can we do that again?”

His son’s eagerness took Sarn by surprise. “I guess we could.” What he’d done wasn’t hard. Sarn just hadn’t thought of it before.

The wall shook as the dragon rammed it, and cracks appeared in the stonework. This section wasn’t reinforced by ancient spells, and that was the only reason Sarn had even considered going through it. But it wouldn’t stand up to a concentrated attack for long.

Sarn sprinted to his cave and flung the door open. “Stay here. I’ll handle this.”

Before Ran could protest, and his son had been about to, judging by the stubborn set to his jaw, Sarn set the boy down inside their cave and shut the door.

A loud bang echoed through the tunnel followed by loud footsteps. Sarn sent some of his magic into the stone lintel, and it hugged the door. Keep the door closed. Protect my son. There, that should do it. Ran would be safe now, but he wasn’t. Sarn turned to face the dragon running toward him.


Dragon Spells is available at Get your copy now to read Papa’s fight with the dragon. Find out who wins, and who gets barbecued.

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